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The Reality Tv Viewer Review

It’s Saturday and I have decided to weigh in on reality tv.. depending on how this is taken I may do it again. Because like a good size of the population I find myself watching quite a bit of reality tv, which has made me junkie…. Now I have a brain tumor and I spend alot of time at home because my brain tumor effects my movement and lower extremities and now that my radiation therapy is over and my chemo is more in the for front I am more tired and at home fairly more I have been watching a lot more reality tv because mainly its all that is on. There is so much.. Between Bravo, VH1, E and OXYgen.. you are bombarded with it. My favorite really is investigation ID.. I am an ID addict but I have begun to see the same stories on several different shows so I have branched out. Now the Bad Girls Club which has always been a guilty pleasure and the one I am most ashamed of is my favorite but also the one I have least to say something about. It’s a hot mess… They are a hot mess… fighting over lashes and throwing water and drinks in everyone’s face is just immature and an example of how you are not suppose to be acting… However the person who is my favorite I suppose everyone would look down upon… It’s Jada and Camilla.. which in the last episode got into which I didn’t think was neccessary. Judi needed to go home cuz the voodoo is deep  in her bones and they needed the skelton key to lock her crazy away. Jada to me is real.. she is honest, she says how she feels… That’s more than I can say for alot of other people that grace the tv screen in general.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Now if my husaband was going to jail.. I would be at his side regardless of what he did because I married him. Now while the business is not mine… I know that I am not involved but your man gets 8 years wrong or not… don’t you want him to spend some time with his kids. I understand where you coming from Phadera girl you may be angry, it may be quite aggravating to know that for the next eight years your going to be raising you boys alone… but i hope your going to be taking your children to see there father… Black men already have enough to deal with. Now I understand being a strong black woman.. But dang woman… no  one can get through this life alone…

Kendra On Top

I was most proud of Kendra this week.. I am so happy her and her dad where able to have the visit they did… It’d hard to face the past especially where our parents are concerned. They can be the hardest obstacles to get past. I know my mother drives me insane.. and with the upcoming week Kendra is going to have from the previews I know she would understand… and isn’t this why we watch to connect to know that even the privileged have these same things we do.. However I think she can cut Hank a bit of break.. it’s obvious he loves his wife and just wants to come home. But Hank can’t leave her out there, tell her what happened.. and clear your name… we don’t want you chasing after transvesty booty.. I mean if that’s your thing then by all means go ahead and do so… but I really don’t think it is….

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Oh my… it’s Saturday and I deleted the episode from the DVR but ummm Beautiful Omari and Apryl COngrats on the baby… but mom’s is out of pocket… and while my opinion is just that…… Apryl has been really open and honest about wanting you involved but you come back acting like the girl is trying to say she don’t want you around,… Your son has a new family… and the truth is that’s now his first priortiy…. Feels like mom’s is hating to me… and being jealous of your grandchild’s mom is not at all the cuteness.

Fizz my handsome and loving friend… your girl is not what’s up and your baby moms is my new hero I am glad somebody slapped that girl… she don’t want you… it’s obvious in her actions… she wouldn’t be good as anyone’s baby sitter let alone step mother… So yay Moyneice for slapping her ass. See when someone loves you…. they do shit like that for your… cuz you chasing her and she ain’t chasing you

My last thought on this… Hazel… Girl while I understand men lie and will chase down some draws.. that man does not want you… he clearly wants everyone but you.

Masika was doing it in her Ace of Diamonds shoot Nikki your hating and um Young Berg… that must be good cuz everybody is riding it…..


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Another Beginning.. Really?

Todays words are not about the memoirs of life that I see beyond the shutting of my eyelids. Today’s words are about freeing my frustration, anger and pure confusion. The indecisive part of my gemini a mere 21 days from my 32nd birthday, contemplating the go or the stay of my current life. I really am grasping at straws this time. Usually I understand their is promise for the future, there a reasonable reason to look over at the things that I have acquired and just throw them away, just sell them to stranger so I can pack lite bags and hit the road. There was drug use and addictions in my past so up and going, constant turmoil and reason for adventure was apart of my lifestyle, apart of my daily going, I would be inspired to write my moments of clarity and the truth about the world and the grand schemes of change, Yet there is none of that now. 8 months ago I left the coastal sunny city of Los Angeles, my home. Many can’t say that LA is there home, but it was mine. I was raised in the urban extremes of South Central Los Angeles, but before puberty had a good hold on me we moved into Westchester and the rest is a drum story of laughter, arguments, family detestation, and lost of belief in familial ties. The longer years ran fast and drugs and heart ache were added to my flourish of moments in the human experience. Yet 8 months ago I left with the idea that I would start a new life far away. ON the couch of my best friend I got a job, saved some money, loved my job, got my own place without nothing more than cigs and cheap champagne as my outlets. My pen became stale for there was no inspiring moments of depth. No drug induced hazes of brillance. Yet the look of change felt good on my back, Yet that sun would stop shining this past sunday when I lost the job I loved and I feel lost and angry and ready to at least return to the coastal city of sunshine for at least that. The warm sun, the lost memories and the family that barely called during my eight months of rehabilitative behavior. Old friend had reappeared and some old friends seem further away. Yet here I am on the 1st of May with no money for rent, just the last check I was paid soothing my pockets of fear of homelessness once again.  It’s a bittersweet journey returning home less than a year later. Pounds of fat packed against my  bones, a bad foot, and detiorating health and again no income, no job, yet possibilities still run with ailments and the day I wake up… is another to look at this as positive. A man in my life said to stay, that he cares, but no love escaped his lips and even when love was there I had been here before making family of those around me… mine still absent. Yet here it is… Another beginning, and I can’t help but let my head fall back eyes closed with God in my thoughts… REALLY GOD, again.. what did I do this time.. I thought it was all going to work out. No drugs, no negative on my tongue, no disdain in my heart, nothing but hope and faithfulness to the beginning I had just recently begun. Now its mid day on the day the rent is due and I have nothing. No job.. they dismissed me for evidence of my past. I know now that it will all have to be erased away in order for future of stability to follow. No love bounds my heart this time, no hope covers the truth of reality.. Something in me is different, that part of me that said lets move forward I think left with my mobility and the part of me that believed in possibility seems to have faded away with the right choices. I am going home again I think, still my mind sways unable to make the decisions. Yet everything is pulling me there. The best of me and the worst of me wants to go home. I would have stayed here for that job that gave me joy and stole my desire to do this, to write down my most deepest and sincerest emotional ties. When it comes back to these moments I realize that I don’t know whats coming.. nor do I understand why its happening. I suppose this is another day one… just happens to be the month I was born. God I won’t leave you now but I am not feeling so strong. Seems more purpose fuels me as my fingertips brush my keys.. and I look down at these things that I have had that have been consistent, my  breaking bad lap top, my thoughts and My desire to write it out.

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