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the wrath of God they call out loud.. leading flocks by fear

Hasn’t it become apparently clear

that the wrath of which the bible speaks

Is the wrath given by you and me

the wrath of the world

The wrath of the rich on the poor

the gift of inadequacy…

the wrath of friend to friend

when loyalty falls short of forever, and the end is sooner than the “When”

we accepted…

The wrath of God is showb in how we made of his image

result in the scrimmage emotional distress of lving

Born into Original Sin, and the acts that keep us living in that good  old sinning that we love so muich

we forget to touch  our hearts to spirit

Can you hear it…

the real wrath of God is love

A love more perfect tthan we will ever be capable of…

Constantly falling short.

Making the mistreatment of our fellow man soime sick spectator sport

Physical, mental, and emotional crimes committed browned flesh, and hopeful ideals

The use of currency to create the urgency of competitive greed

while other sit and yearn for things they need to survive

Food, belief, relief

To feel complete

All vital to the beating of a heart

the value of life

how we smile when we arrive….


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The Courtesy of Justice

Not guilty. Those words, those two little words left my text message inbox full. From east to west coast. So many words, so many characters. Trayvon Martin was dead, had been dead for more than two years, but his killer, he was born again. His freedom was definite and people were crying, people were hurt and angry. If someone were to ask me how I was feeling, I wouldn’t have a response. I wasn’t surprised at the verdict. Wasn’t surprised that the life of that young man had not seen the courtesy of justice. This was the way of the world, the way of people. The humanity of this present is very limited. People have forgotten the hope of living, have forgotten the kindness of being able to decipher emotion, action and the power of consequence.

I dare not say if I think the verdict was right or wrong, if George Zimmerman was right to stalk, and ultimately take the life of a child. No matter his height, his weight, his skin color. Trayvon Martin was a child, a minor. His trip to the store for drink, a little candy had resulted in the last breath he would take, the last words he would speak, the last moments of his world. If we are spiritual beings we hope that his soul lives on, that he lives in grandeur, peace, and with the ultimate love of God.

I hope for his parents to forgive the actions of a man that paid no penalties of acts of malicious emotions, ideals and beliefs. I pray for the release of pain that will plaque them for years to come, that they see this as a moment lived for the understanding that while the years have multiplied since the movement for civil rights that we still must be aware of the hate that continues to move within the hearts and minds of people. That while we are aware that we are all human, we are people, that the differences and the ignorance of who we are can still be predatory, and may live docile within us.  However with the right recipe can be baked and cooked to the perfect degree for murder, for pain, and for acts of hatred and violence.

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What the Fuck Did you Say?

It’s getting old, the spoken exchange, a delivery between the entities of humanity

the use of words, it’s repugnant, abrogating vanity

Bellows of infectious negating  detestable,  personal vulgarities

What the fuck did you say, and  who the fuck are you to vomit your cacophony of lost

on to me as if I am to inhale the sewage you have spit out

 Get the fuck back, watch your fucking words, and your fucking mouth.

It’s no longer, a characteristic of personality labeled as flaw

Or your definition of just being candid, to real, and raw

Honesty is not exclusive to profane, offensive candor, or painful ways

it’s begun to be status quo , this cancer of excusable, I can say what I want to say infection that is spread

Symptoms : Egregious statements, ” You need to understand” , “You pissed me off.”

Truth is I don’t give a flying fuck about how pissed you are, how I need to understand, how it’s your this…

All these redundant, menial, rationing tools to alleviate the weight of the tonality, resonance, and inflection of the words you choose to use

These expressions, content of your emotions

Still does not exonerate you from the abuse

You have implemented to our dynamic,

Constantly, explaining  for the fact that ain’t nobody going to treat you, talk to you, like that

Stand around you  like this

It’s nothing but bullshit

The golden rule, gives the impression of simplicity, but respectively

You stupid muthafuckas most honestly, sadistically

choose to believe that you can say or do what the fuck you want to do

while others must adhere to your rule of tolerant modulation,

However, everyone else in regards to you, needs to watch their fucking  tone

Soon it follows this conversation

about consideration,

of respect you say you demand

Fuck that, what it really sounds like is a command

I understand the world must have rules, but prior to me doing anything,

You as I

Were taught,  to extend a courtesy of politely giving regard to the opportunity of being able to exhibit

free will

I wouldn’t dare not give reverence to God, for he already has provided me with the provisions

of his expectations

Yes the  possibility of failure is great

one of the hardest tasks

given,  he expects me to treat you like I want to be treated

So I am going to stay seated

and while your tone quickly accelerates beyond the octave that allows me my serenity

Seeking to use fewer words meant to diminish your light

A constant fight to hold on to peace


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June 4, 2013 · 12:08 am

The Nutured Unkindness Of Human

The superior characterstic of humans is the ability to be feeling beings and the understanding of free choice. Combining the two traits we are able to not only survive but thrive as well. We are able to protray kindness, empathy, tolerance, and particpate in acts of unselfishness. The most powerful characteristic of Human Gene is our Advanced level of communication. Language and comprehension of emotion and logic with words, which we can also translate to print.  We dont really appreaciate This importante factor taking it for granted, using it as weapon of manipulation, pain or gain. It has become a weapon of emotional and mental desruction. We bomb our closest friends and family with small doses of lethal venom. It spreads through the soul quickly causing terimanal diseases of hatred, resentment and self doubt.
We use the multi dialects of tongue to crearte boundaries in our community. We are terrorist. Words have always been a silent trigger , appearing harmless until trigger is pulled and the shot is always precise. It may not wound are physical form, however the damage to heart, soul and mind can be devastating, bountiful in weight of its aftermath
We are an unkind species, full of arrogance and intelligence that quickly abandon our choice to be an example of how being apart of humanity can quell desire for pain.
Mothers demean and defy beauty in children by not placing a defining importance on integrity. We can define a new World of life like technologies, yet will impose a daily life shift enabling a souless Man kind. We haughtly believe that consequences of moral and humane offenses are arbirtuary. Countering ramifications recieved with self beneficial rationalizations that mask the absence of conscientious accountability.
True empathy has appeared to become an extinct subsequent thought. Individuals aggressively defend the “me” philisopy which promotes self identification, awareness and defense at the expense of all others.  We excuse once thought to be digusting and distasteful treatment of others with the “me” rebuddle. The survivor of the.fitest is now a survivor of the most connected and financially superior minority. We Project claims of bullying, prejudice, emotional manipulation, elderly abuse, child abuse, deragatory and malicious segreation of the “outcast of society” once catergorized by race, has Extended it coverage área to sexuality,  political ideology, outspoken idealist. Anyone against the forward movement of success and or self gratification of the benefactor can be targeted.  People Have become the new line of products to exploit for gain. The Human resource is the most profitable. The Human who lives the “me” philosphy widely employs the defense… If you are not for me you are against me.
Society by way of humanity is built on community of spirit, purpose and goal. Celebrating the opportunity to invite enterprise by offering one service for another, in the last century we have pioneered the self made all things,  requiring very minimal skill. Even the once glamourous World of art and.Entertainmen has sucumbed to the desire to captilize on the unkindness of humanity. Tv creates salacious faxes to remember celebrating greed and self indulgent petulent
No kindness in business, no accolades for Fair treatment of their gatekeepers of success.
Our loud, attention obessesed World finds critical opinions of llife experiences of our cult celebrities, leaders and next door neighbors as well a marketable skill.
All These things are the saddening Fore shadowing of the World that encompasses the extinction of a rare beauty that Human kind encompasses.

  The greatest artifacts of our history as human reflect the intensity of emotion, the insatiable hunger for the connection to the World in which they lived, and Why we lived at all. The journey to find the answers to profound and inexplicable questions.  Left behind are Chronicles of ritual and faith, the importance of Love and things beyond the control of Man kind.  We Have left humble beauty for ostentatious entitlement. A slow methodic, diabolical undeniable claim to influence and.decrease the power that being a free thinker illuminates.
We Have ability to reinvent the manic and self indulgent world we have created. 

The kindness of a morning greeting, the Good samaratin brave enough, to rescue or intetject in dangerous matters, the loyalty of listening, the sweet traste of compliments, the aftertaste of compatibilty, the dazzle of an awkward Hello; all These things that feed our souls. Families have begun to desacrate the lifeling commitment of unconditional love. Friends; the healing gift of understanding now are bargins of resource for elements we lack.
No longer ambitious for connection, just wealth,status and the no Holds, no regrets, aggressive “not before me” society. Humans will preach of freedom, yet with that same Word will alienate true freedom.
What of we, if not just mere creatures outselves. We create divides between ourselves and the reason we are here on earth. This experience of how those emotions and desires can become powerful shape shifters.  The idea of self is more than the individual, but the whole of our kind. We fail if not done By the tickle of kindness that is all to often not celebrated and nutured.

Our mouths are deadly with negativity, and spreading the debolishment of our greatest weapon,.which are the allies that we inherit. War is now at kitchen table, with guns through chalk boards, from heights of toll way bridges, at the bruised body of a beaten woman. Now instead of invest, we suspect. We ignore instead of embrace. There.are many successes made up of selling devil dunked dreams. Many stories of Love lost to lust.  Many people left to the taunting of being different of being without the resources to better.
We salivate to lofty ideals rather than harmonious realites. We are numb to the effects of poverty and sadness. We find hollow humor in the failures our fellow humans. We become resilent to the design of dog eat dog, each Human for themselves.
In between the neglected cracks those faithful risk takers, defy the conforming attitudes. They build there family of like thinkers and for those few spared minutes or hours they still promote the things that reflect not What u Have been sold but to reflect a society that lives not in Its ability to conquer but to surrender to alliances, kindness, prolific understanding, soul touching music, anti-discrimination warriors, and the most beautiful prophets of our time, poets, writers, musicians.
It began with our unkindness in Just there small prespective of one on one interaction, however like any wide spread contagion, it has bellowing ripples that effect the professional,.personal any other relative interaction with others.

If I speak to you with kindness, my
Love actively enables our alliance, strengthens our emotional bonds, extracts the defensive anger that .opens avaiability for lost of trust,  devaluing character, manipulation of honesty. Your words, your actions,.your.philosphy, your course of every accountable action is a part of who you are, What your brand declares and they type of future you will develop.
Many leas By thought, I leas By heart. Every person I encouter will recieve the kindness that is not so much what they deserve.. yet I owe humanity.

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Deeper Thought

The pursuit of love has been lost to the foils of the worldly belief that there really is something else to acquire and live for. As I sat in the garage of my now old apartment waiting for a friend that I met in the last dramatic made for night-time primetime drama of my life I spoke to the friends of my past and we dove deep into the idea of witchcraft the understanding of homosexuality and the age-old debate of religious doctrine. The belief  of a higher power lives in the dwelling of the heart or eternal understanding that we call the soul and no where in that understanding does it categorize us by the intent of our sexuality, the dull and small differences in skin pigmentation or the belief of culture or practice of tradition.

This past holiday season there was a commercial that stated that traditions were not to be kept but to keep us together and it touched me quite a bit for it was the truest thing I had heard among the selling  of products in a long time. For it appealed to the natural sense of relationships.

I feel as though I find myself screaming day in and day out about the course of life and the true meaning and reason or our journey of the human experience. Love is the ultimate tool for there survival of humanity.


If we look beyond the sight of life, meaning beyond the natural understanding of what dwells before me in action by pursuit of the identified connectivity what could we actually feel and who would we know. Many people we find to be different from us for the swag of the person is difference, the commonality of activity and the tired, old and unfortunately truth of ignorance. The blame , lack of knowledge on the individual  basis. We as humans have been duplicated human shells built from a synthetic fiber labeled fear!  allowing the blocks of separation to keep us at a divided front. Has anyone every looked to the days of preschool and looked at the memories of the friends kept. The laughs shared and the lack of demise of the human thought that had been taught to us as the years had on.

Last week I took the time to watch the movie the Bratz which was based on the popular selling doll line and I was brought to emotional overtures as I looked at the division of love to build on the yielding of power and found myself very touched and also floored that we have allowed the positioning of the devil to be placed in the intimate affairs of our lives. For those of you who passed on the sweet  tween scene movie… It talked about how five very different young woman with different goals, belief and activities lost  the memory of how they had become friends while the looming of new friends become the ideas of the current day.  We will meet similar solders during these days of growth and we shall embrace those people yet the difference of ideas and passion can be more than satisfying. And also the keenest of different minds leave us a step ahead of our enemy.

I think that Martin Luther King said it best… “That we judge on the content of our character” Let us not lose this battle. Our greatest tool is unity and love and we need this handguns of positivity to be warriors against our true enemey.

Let us leave behind the pursuit of money and power and become the beast of positivity. Please remove the glasses of conformity and hold the hands of our neighbors to connecct in humanity.

I have for years been a bit judgemental of one set of people for the the crass behaviors of to earn money. Leaving behind the heart of people who work for them. And as God planned I  family of similiar heritage to find that for me to take my formulated and observed opinoion to weaken my plight for the growth of myself and humanity.

The only thing that really matters is love and connectivity.

Beyond the Sight of our Media driven lives there are other people with stories identical to yours and those petty distant factors of separation will mean nothing when it comes to the drive of survival. Which is why I love the movie Poseidon.. that is love and unity working it’s magic..

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