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My Vow of Desire

Crave the massage of his difference to mine

Made a list so intense

couldn’t realize his existence

would have no ability to deny

resistance would be empty

His eyes so deep and sultry,

ignite fires below where they want me to keep it clothed

for him whenever he request

i will be his conquest

deep within

locked in close

don’t need diamonds

no rose

when we conclude

my body will thank him specifically with the rainfall of my submission

the tension in my shoulders, the tightness of my back

nothing but black, 

eyelids close

this is the rose

the melding into me

the wholeness

the baritone of his voice

his choice

to fill me, with his beauty, his seed

the more he gives to me, the less I bleed

his words will be poetry

his sexual demand

tailor made for my attraction

mind body and soul

words, to glances, unspoken advances

Ready to relieve all my fantasies in his adoration

vacations of flesh against flesh

no place untouched

no sin undone

ready to be his slave, 

His equal

his partner

his world

What do you desire?

What fire burns within?

The bed in which I make

Is place for adults to play

All the things we will do

Can only be for you

I pray for you

so i can release this beast raging inside of me….


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