RebelΩ Spiritualξ Dualα Illicit® Illusive∞ Romantic♦ PassionateΩ Talented♥ Brave§ Quick®Renegade∞RebelΩ Spiritualξ Dualα Illicit® Illusive∞ Romantic♦ PassionateΩ Dua

Poet……. Writer… Radical, rebellious truth seeker.

Willing to be courageous enough to follow my heart and write. Using words to break the boundaries of conformity and soar

Born A’Nya Khadija Monea Lewis ¡Penned:Nya Monea¡

Star Sighted on Earth:

      May 22 (Gemini, with a Capricorn Moon)
          ∞ As a child I have been told that my love affair with words, paper, love, and people was something of an intent of my mind to be greater than those before me. I wrote my first poem in the 1st grade. Angry with my mom yet a shy, sweet child to afraid to say anything I began to punish the character of my mother with my pen, allowing my hurt to mark the pages until it felt my heart and soul were clean. By high school writer was the quote next to my name in my yearbook and I was dreamer the dream of published fame. In college I studied Literature at Clark Atlanta University. Weary of the red dirt and icey storms I returned home to the sunny days in the city of Lost Angels. School became a back road and life truly began∞

Looking from behind my own glass

I am a defined duality, a mixture of mutable understanding. The plight of the spiritual gemini at this course in life is difficult and full of awe dropping moments with humanity. I live for words, using them to change thinking, teach, seduce. I am the true benefit and sacrifice, the person who sees both sides, lives with two meanings of worth. the dramatics in my words, my movement and my life gives me an audience in which I can continue to promote positive. I am apart of the elite, the warriors of spirituality. I have poetic bloodlines as Def Poet GEM I EYE stated. Artist and creative human sources in whole have the visual perspective that would cool heads, large protected heart and courage. I am proud to be among them….



Please join me in poetic rantings, lyrical prose, thoughtful moments and all praise to God…. This is the random chaos of me and believe me… the life lived, and the experiences documented will entertain you as day time tv would… addicting, loveable and easy to sink your teeth into… Smootches

2 responses to “About

  1. I just love your ramblings… all the way from sunny South Africa:)

  2. Thank you for the birthday poem. You have such a gift of words. You should write a best seller. Love Shawishi

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