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The Spirits in a Bottle

Alcohol, liquor, spirits, drinking is a truth serum. Suddenly things your mind wouldn’t so free release bubbles at the tips of tongue. Liquid courage I have heard it called it called. The emotions kept at bay stifled behind pain, hidden with words unspoken. As the sips become gulps all burning away that wall to emotions […]

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It’s been awhile now with learning about the tumor and now living with it there are things that I don’t say. Things I don’t share because it means not being go vulnerable 

Being ositivesaves me on a daily basis yet my hand doesn’t work and that’s frustrating  nothing is just simple I gotta work on this work on that work on this and what I really want to say is let me do what I what I want to do don’t I have power in my own life to say that maybe I should go back in treatment 


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