In the Midst

Everyday that I get up I’m faced with a question that forces me to choose positivity or negativity when you choose the first it gives you a chance to see life in a way that gives you something back. That part that gives something back allows you the opportunity to make more of life regardless of your situation. I try my best to wake up each day with the belief that God has more for me than this situation to be more than a victim of my circumstances. These are the things that make me stronger. The places that I reach to find my strengths. Fighting illness can feel like a pair of murderous hand that grab at your throat holding on to you trying to squeeze until your faith and resolve have been shattered and you want to wilt and writher away. Each day I feel more like myself.. I feel more like a person who has something to say something to give. So please understand when I can’t entertain the negative the hurt of jealousy or mistreatment. I leave you behind. I keep you with the things that I fight each day…. 

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