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Going Into Brain Surgery is

when the words are released…

It becOMES THIS AURA OF ENERGY THAT BUILDS WITHIN THE SILENCE . tHOSE MOMENTS RESERVED FOR FEAR, FOR QUESTIONS FOR THE DETORIATION OF FAITH. The devil sneaks into the emptyness of your thoughts. Holds on to the normality of human thought. How do we deal with the severvity of sickness, with the pain of the of healing. How do you let go yjr pings of “how well is he trained. Will I make it from beneath the drill?” WILL I EVER be the same? ”

When those moments have settled into just the norm of this situation and the pulse is creating the need to embrace, I let the times roll over into memories.. i the push on heart feel the relief of release. Life is  not promised.. this is the thought that continues to resurface in my mind. And I tired of act

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