The bond of Sisters….

Living in today never seems important when everything is okay but when things take a turn things are put into perspective….No day is lasting. So fleeting time truly is… there is not Enough to hold on to a grudge, to live in a fight or mistake… the bond that I have began to create with my big sister helps me to keep me grounded…. she has been sick for a long time and I worried but let life get in the way. Its never to late to start again. Kiki you really impress me… you are the reason that I know that love and strength can give you the power to move mountains… I may be late…. but I’m on time to making a life that includes the bond of sisters that I have always wanted.. I know how you feel about our other one… these days I see so clearly why…. yet it’s not over yet… we have just begun…. thank you for all that you do. All our daily convos…. for your strength and words of advice…. we are in this together… the oldest and the baby. The big sister you are shows why you came first…. your helping to make a dream come true… you glitter bright like shiny diamonds. From me to you….. God has a plan for all that you have survived…. we thriving. It’s trying, its draining. And so many things that can defeat your perception yet u still shine so bright… you rock my world, teach me that we are made of the gangsta that claims block so hot they are destined to change the game. He will reveal it to you soon why you will touch lives beyond what the eye can see… we got this…. rebuilding the bridges to love power and courage. So here it is… on these corners of life’s troubled waters, illness and worry, familial negativity, painful admissions and daily gripes we hold our weapons, loaded, locked ready to protect our hopes and dreams, the things we believe in… just what drives us….these situations are just part of the road to the testimony we will share. Another day, another chance. No need to fear what faith has already been given to protect. I love you
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