The truth about life

I have a brain tumor… it doesn’t feel like an end… it feels like an opportunity… a time to make changes to be better, tears evade me…. negativity seems obsolete… a waist of thought…. I feel anger toward nagging and over indulgent petulance… I wonder what God wants me to do….. in all my time…. I have never felt so much love and support yet I yearn to make the days of others brighter…. I don’t know much but I know there is power in faith in belief in surrendering to getting on with making life something I can create beauty with. I have a sister who I know needs this heart… I just hope she see s that when days aren’t promised u have few options… choose to be a smile…..



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2 responses to “The truth about life

  1. Erin J

    You’re in the prayers of many. You got this A! Peace & love ❤️

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