Happy Birthday to my Chocolate Charmony

When you first arrived, still a little person myself
All I really wanted was to play with you and put you on shelf
But on my heels you always were there
Yet after a few tender moments I had to lay it bare…
You may be my niece.. but we grew up like sisters
My love for you goes so much deeper
than I could ever share
With words, or even actions
You have grown into a women I admire
Kind, intelligent, ambtious and loyal
So beautiful, I’m sure so many mistake you for the African Royals
I miss our smoke outs, food binges and bad girls commentary
But I will always be just a phone call away
no matter how many months, years or may just a day
I will always love that little chocolate bunny who took big bites out of tomotoes
Just to put it back
So many times we forget the beauty of family
But you are the reason I learned to forgive
You are the reason I never felt alone
You are the reason I still dance
Just for the party in the car
The woman you are, is far
From what I would have ever expected
To have a beauty that truly runs from the deeps of your core
So much like our granny, kind and able to hold us down
No matter how far I will run… its your smile that will bring me back to town
To another year, happy birthday my beautiful niece just four years my junior
More like the little sister I never had to want because I had you.
May we be able to resolidify our bond in the months ahead….
I love you more than a fat kid loves cake…my beautiful and oldest niece Charmony…

Happy Birthday gorgeous


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