Beyond a Day for Mothers.. For a Lifetime of Love Garlina Lewis.. This Girls Mom

It’s a rapture of honesty of pain
A rainbow of forgiveness and peace
Each loss and each gain
A tireless road of life, each day another consequence
Your strength beget my own
You set the tone of survival
This is my revival of love for you
No mistake to great, no argument to powerful to take away the beauty in all the things you did and do
A mother is a girls way of understanding what can’t be earned
The most precious gift you have given were in the lesson learned
The one’s I might not have survived
I promise…. I still have time and before you go.. you will be able to know I have thrived
The trials of the trail I have chosen
Has not left me defeated, it has planted the seeds of true love and forgivness within me
It’s the beating of my heart
So trust that with it, bonded by the strength you have given great is all there is left to be
It’s an art….
To be what you are… to embrace your good and your bad
To live beyond what can be had
You have played a monumental part
You are the serenade in an upbeat sing along song
Never a cacaphony of what one would hope someone to be
You were a mother tailor made for what I need
A flower blossomed from a seed
Planted to love the love in a love story
To see beyond the day
to survive the thunder storms
To laugh when the joke has ended
To become the girl that believed in all that you are
We have come so far my dear dear mother
I love your sense of style alive and flamboyaunt
I admire your tenancity
I wish to have your greater than most youthful spirit
You struggled but fought your way out with a grit
that enables you, an enduring ferocity of life
You have been a daughter, mother, grandmother, teacher, humanitarian, fighter and wife
Most importantly you have been the person who taught me to never judge, to never stop trying, to embrace who I am
Regardless of what others say or do…
Beyond a day for mothers.. I choose to celebrate the fact that I have the most fearless of mothers, who at the brink of her golden years still shows me things about me given by her… that I love so much… just as much as I love you..
Happy Mothers day…….


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