Too much

Another person telling me I feel to much and maybe your right, maybe the insane notion of honest true emotion is to much but when you said you have gift I shifted into belief settled in the embrace of understanding. We haven’t set eyes on each other but I gave you this vulnerability right when you said you could embrace it. I’m tired of misinterpreted versions of me floating the skies, wings flapping willing soaring above reaching out to me. Tired of chasing induced euphoria so I can be alone in the war. No fight to move on to disillusionment, no more veiled realities… this is the real, the unscripted reality that I must embrace. I owe you dream man an apology… so many apologies for misunderstandings that ignite within to be extinguished in production. I let the fear of another exit ruin the introduction to something verified and applied. I could have loved you, you with a creative hum
and sensational key to me. Banished you with learned pain. Rather rub illicit bodies with ugly intention. No misunderstanding in a filthy truth. When it’s done will just wash away the scent of used from skin barely touched. Your warm heart burned a vulnerable heart. To many burns left untreated for the right healing. Want to tell you try again but the man you are needs not nestle bandaged remains. So many attempts leave me risky, needy for the love you were willingly to give. I flee unseen to the coves of alone… there it is safe. No flames of passion will be felt.


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