This Life

one life to live, is the lesson we are taught as we grow into ourselves.. you only live once… So go yolo and live big… i have this friend and she has the life many writers dream of.. triumph and personal success. passion and love and independence and a home that will always be her home. i admire her, she is one of my favorite people…. i don’t envy her life only because i love me… This life has been jagged with edges dulled and then smoothed. Moments that could lacerate my belief in people, and then the perfect cut stitched with needles that are pretty and beautiful…. This life has made me this person that i see the same way I see Lauren…. proud, and privileged to know and have as a part of This life. I know these things about faith that set me apart and I am not being arrogant…. I am sharing this to share one thing…. Life is not always easy it has it’s edges that are jagged and it has it edges that are so smooth it seems unbelievable. Yet if you believe it’s for you to keep going and then you do… it makes the jagged edges feel so small and the smooth so incessant that it’s worth the cuts andbruises/  If you can forgive do, and if you can admire, indulge in it… and remember you are your greatest resource… sometimes we habe to be selfish and choose ourselves…. that’s only fair when you think about it..yet don’t forget that you live in a world big and with many other souls and we have to be their for each other… so bekind when it doesn’t seem important to be kind. Be love in all ways and don’t forget the sparks in touches and the cool yerstanding in the goose pimples that cover your skin…. some things we will not be bale to explain… some moments will garner nothing more than love and love can be studied and the findings documented but it will never be abl to really explained and that’s why This Life is so great to me… because the love I have experienced from people opened doors to a person that I know I love… I love me all imperfect and flawed.. with mistakes in my past and in my path.. i LOVE ME BECAUSE EACH DAY I HAVE TO LIVE ANOTHER I know me and I know who I am.. and in this life I may not leave behind explemnary experiences are successes mounted on the walls of my big home… but my relationships will be the trophy room in This life and I know it will show a woman with heart, with soul, with faith, with ideals that mark a life that I am proud to say is mine… because these are my markers, these are my successes… if I get the chance to marry and build a family it will be the thing I treasure… because I can be different… this emotional woman with her emotional words and her emotional life is proud of each tear… and while I chart the next sea I will cross and the next thing I will do… I will do it with This life as my documented shear of choices to be me a me that I admire and love like I do that friend I am so in awe of.. all those friends I am so in awe of,,,, because truthfully they all reflect who I am and where I have been……


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