Rafael Casal

Rafael Casal… ( the crush I have on His words)


Fell in love with his words

His rhyme

Fell in love with the way his heart seemed to mimic mine

Like my men brown, decadent decent of Africa

With the touch of American Ghetto Swag, Sometime a soildier

But every single time evolutionary legendary brothern of thought

Will win the war to my heart

Until I heard his mind relayed in a poets language

Found out he was a bay area hip hop “Want to Fly” by the wings of Rap

Except his skin didn’t glow the brown I so love as though there are no other shades

The part of my belief that I couldn’t fall in love with personality fades

He is beautiful, open, splendor of words

The part of me that Is my greatest gift

But scares the shit out of everything that is up on that shelf marked worth reaching

Each time I heard something new from him

His beauty swelled inside of my thought

I ought to write him a letter off my admiration

The consideration of being just another fan

Made the option of can

A resident of probably not

It was something about him that I just needed to know

Somehow my being his fan has made me grow

Gave more of my thoughts power

He did it

Why can’t I?

Maybe that’s why now I reach for his audacity to be great

To reach inside and reveal this part of me

I let my heart stand tall

And I think I am ready to risk it all…

Partly because I fell in love with his audacity and his words

The him being Rafael Casal


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February 6, 2014 · 12:32 am

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