the wrath of God they call out loud.. leading flocks by fear

Hasn’t it become apparently clear

that the wrath of which the bible speaks

Is the wrath given by you and me

the wrath of the world

The wrath of the rich on the poor

the gift of inadequacy…

the wrath of friend to friend

when loyalty falls short of forever, and the end is sooner than the “When”

we accepted…

The wrath of God is showb in how we made of his image

result in the scrimmage emotional distress of lving

Born into Original Sin, and the acts that keep us living in that good  old sinning that we love so muich

we forget to touch  our hearts to spirit

Can you hear it…

the real wrath of God is love

A love more perfect tthan we will ever be capable of…

Constantly falling short.

Making the mistreatment of our fellow man soime sick spectator sport

Physical, mental, and emotional crimes committed browned flesh, and hopeful ideals

The use of currency to create the urgency of competitive greed

while other sit and yearn for things they need to survive

Food, belief, relief

To feel complete

All vital to the beating of a heart

the value of life

how we smile when we arrive….


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