The Final Kill: Goodbye to Showtime’s “Dexter”




As a writer I find myself immensed in novels knowing the ending, wrapped in television shows just to see the acting, and in love with movies because of the fact that hollywood even in the grittiest of drama’s are searching for the endings that life sometime can’t give. The fight for love, common good, and the good old fashion happy ending.

Over the yearsI have learned that the most powerful tv is built of characters that are flawed. Dexter was not my first pick for tv. The debut of Showtimes cult drama made its way during my years working for the cable company. I had to know the shows, I had to sell the channels, and it was not the show I was using. A big fan of “Weeds”, “Sex and the City”, and “The L Word” I didn’t think I would like it.. yet the 2nd season… I was hooked. I rooted for Dexter.. he was the serial killer that you loved.. He got the bad guys, the rapist… he was the blood drawing, knife donning, forensic nerd that got his hands dirty. They new not to left him don a shield.. The Police… we really don’t like the Police, and well who needs the red tape.  Season 3 John Lithgow came plummenting into the line up and I knew that he writers of this show weren’t just creative, they sadistic, big hearted, big drama type of creative engineers…  With Deb shouting “Fuck” every other line, Rita being the beard for a fake heroin addict… I truly under estimated the belief that tv could get any better… Wes Craven, Stephen King.. They have gotten nothing on the minds that created the count an mouse that was “Trinty and Dexter”.

It wasn’t just the writing it Michael C Hall himself… do you remember his roll in HBO’s SIX FEET UNDER.. the gay unloved brother… I didn’t know acting was a real actual talent until I saw this man transform… He was impeccable.. and somehow he was a kind, humble, and truly feeling Serial Killer. The Code has given you hope for even psychopaths. The season with Julia Stiles as the survivor of selfish, sick manic men, who raped and raped her, and killed all their other victims… showed that a man is a man built from his nurturing, and his nature.

The ability to see dexter form Friendships.. my favorite being with one of my favorite talents.. MOS DEF… my man.. literally in my dreams I would be his life… Mos Def as a man who had murdered yet found GOD.. gave Dexter spirituality.. The course of this character, the portrayal by Michael C Hall has given Acting, TV, and showtime something to be proud of. IN the later seasons as Dexter truly felt love within Hannah, a woman built from real life Deadly Women… gave us what we all wanted to see… Love ruled all… molding them, changing them, building a chemistry that began with death, tragedy.. but was cultivated in its lust, its deliberate imagery of choice.

Without you even seeing it… God shows you that if you believe… Even a man , who killed… could choose not divulge his desire…. Dexter choose not to Kill Hannah and she became apart of him. When he had to choose between family and love.. he chose family.  The year of the apocalypse one of my favorites.. we watch how Dexter wants to believe that his dark passenger isn’t truly a part of him.

I amazed looking back at the different moments that changed this character… learning about his true tragedy, his sacrifices and his pain. His mother was the reason he killed… watching his mother stabbed, ripped apart made him devoid of what we see as emotional connection. Yet we are wrong… acceptance allowed him to grow, to survive and ultimately revive him. His father stuck their as his conscience.. a conscience he seemed to eternally lacked was derived from  a trust. Truth, honesty, rightfulness… and ultimately love were the real artifacts of this show. He may have been a serial killer, making kill rooms of plastic, killing nemesis to save his own lifestyle, and then the kills of redemptions, of friendship, of wrong. Ultimately the show giving the choice to Deborah to save what she detested gave the writers the ability to show the vantage point, perspective of the corrupted, and altered mind. I will miss the truly dynamic understanding that even the kindest, most GOD FEARING SOUL can kill…

Why would you? Would it be to save a life, Or to selfishly maintain what you feel yours is worth?

It’s Hard to justify any killer, isn’t it?

Yet somehow SHOWTIME DID IT..

Congrats to the Stellar Cast of DEXTER… you were amazing…

Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, Desmond Harrington, James Renmar, Lauren Velez, Jimmy Smitz, Julie Benz, Collin Hanks, Edward James Almos.. and the many other fabulous actors.


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September 23, 2013 · 4:08 am

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