Did I imagine your sincerity? Or Did I Just fall victim to the ageless disease of a woman loving a Man who while loving me will never be in Love with….me. It’s a beautiful pain. Wills your faith to a strength that causes non believers to embrace miracles. You learn lessons of unconditional love that humbles your perception of humanity. The importance of appreaciation is visible in your attitude. A woman in love with a Man who seems to not see the love she would provide, yet still in that same moment of lost dreams drowned by tears, will Bless that love he so strongly Feels for another. This woman will open her arms, whisper in his ear… Allow her the best parts of you, and I pray she see’s you.  
Did I imagine the connection shared? Its inexplicable how a pain can give you a growth that enables your belief in destiny. Or is it Just me? So madly lost in…. This… This feeling I would testify is love, but unable to recieve. I admire it, it owns Its on lifeline. It breathes without me hosting it’s needs. My days dont eñe without a thought of This man. His truth, his clase, even the Love he gives to another amplifies his image in my eyes. On his worse days buried. Beneath life, I feel his struggle. Do I imagine the finality of This condition, that This thing I testify as love will stay with my movement, my being. It only ails me on days that I forget to breathe, the days that he taught me to embrace and never ignore. The best of the worse amount of dissonance you can bear will remind that fruits are not of labor but tenacity. Some love you dont get to choose to forget, it marks you. I wouldnt choose to remove the experience of his scejt left behind, his
vulnerabilty only revealed poetic mumblings, his life intertwined with mind. No tears as refreshing as the those ayer for him.
I admire This love, that has been born and grown strong. It has survived our murder of kindness, our rape’s of intimacy. Our slaughter of blessings given. We tarnished puré golden monents with denial, yet We thrive, still answering When the calle are places, still try to understand how the acceptance of This beautiful pain can be anything other than sintul. I know I should go and he knows he should allow me to be able to be whole. Yet Love so unselfishly selfish holds on to Its core value of inexplicable reason and meaning. Its prayer of ability to surrender to faith. When Its time for This thing I testify is love to complete it’s course it will go quietly, speaking a soft goodbye. It will go with patient respect of me.
We cant define, decide or delegate Its purpose, introduction, presence or partner.
Some Love isnt What We create, some love is What We cant escape, What We Want to be, What We need to Keep going…Its remnants kept alive in our altered preception.



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6 responses to “Inexplicable

      • I generally welcome the spotlight, hardly ever feel put on the spot, but…(smile). I would prefer to think about my answer but then the fun (or stumbles) of spontaneity would be lost, so here goes nothing….My reply was in direct response to your post. You described love in all of its forms, yet still seemed to be at a loss. So I think I was more supporting the part of love you didn’t quite understand, than any of the other facets that you defined with purpose and great sense. Why do people love abusers? Why do people cheat on real love? How can love mean so much to one person, and not mean a thing to the one they shower with love.Or probably most perplexing of all, how can someone truly love another, yet still cause them pain? In an earlier post of mine, Love Over Legacy, I attempted to define ‘Love’ through science, theology and two case studies, one fiction the other non. While the post itself was received with a respectable applause, only one comment was made by a reader, whose only words were about the style and did not give an opinion on rather I had defined love sufficiently. So now they I have had time to think and ramble (my apologies) I now realize, the comment I left was for me.

  1. Oh. By the way, I really enjoyed reading your post.

    • It was for me as well.. I just like to know what was stirred in the mind of someone who reads something that I have written. I was told once by a creative writing teacher that we write with the intent to evoke. Evoke thought or emotion. Truth is… Loving someone who is an entity that has actually made you a better person but does not reciprocate the exact feelings you do… is something of an anomaly.

    • Thank you…. NO really I love that you read and commented… something I need to do more of….

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