A Thousand Chances for Greatness

We don’t get a thousand chances at greatness and some of us don’t even get one. What do we believe in? I think that is my first question that leads to greatness. I am a artist, and the mundane is not like the drugs that drain life from who I am. I was working on regular, not greatness and now I feel like the time has come for me to be true to myself. My chance for greatness has nothing to do with success but everything to do with breathless moments of living and happiness. We may not have a thousand chances at greatness, but we have each day we live for the chance at happiness. So what do you believe in? What do you really want? I haven’t gotten that far in my journey yet and I am thirty two years old and I have lived a life of good, a life of bad, a life of mundane and now i am going to work on healing all parts of my life.  I am going to heal my heart, my mind, my body. It’s going to be a hard journey going forth.. and truly self satisfaction may not arrive until the day before the end. But I am going to try. I hate to leave the admission so vulnerable but this is what I am, who I am. I write these moments, then I breathe the creativity it takes to weave the words in to gold. So I am asking God, I am asking me, I am asking my faith for the ability to see this moment as the true beginning. The transition is over. I can feel it in my bones.. I had to return to the rawest form of myself and I will use it to rebuild the provisions of my goals. I will use it to love each moment I will have rebuilding, I am going home. This is my first change at greatness, and 11661 chance at happiness. It may not all be perfect but that sweet feeling of happy is there in the possibility of really being able to rehabilitate . I am gong to a halfway house of sorts… and here is my chance at greatness… Greatness here I come.


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