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Skips Beats and Taken Away

It’s been a while since we have spoken, a thousand tears have been shed. Sleepless nights in this empty bed. A soulful cry to God always asking why? Sometimes for the response to our meeting, others to your leaving, bust mostly for the love that seems to never die. All with the same ending… Why God Why? The answer always the same, Pray to me, in my name, I give love, how you choose to treat it. is your faith, and never a game.

I have headed tales told of love, envied their creation and in quiet hoped for my own emotional elation. Yet with heart beat skipped and each breath taken away, I seem to only hear your name. Inspired by you, in love with you, denied by you and left with the same question lingering on my soft supple parted lips. Why you?

I have decided to stop asking, decided to have faith. Decided to stop wishing for one, and live the day. My heart still skips beats at the mention of your name, and with the sound of your voice my breath still taken away. Here you have appeared again, and now I resume my love affair with my pen. In the absence of you within my thoughts, I must admit I was lost. I have mended wounds old and caked with blood, have bled from freshly made scars. Have lifted up my sagging heart and pulled together the loosely woven parts. Feel whole again without you near, no longer lonely for the need of you, just when I feel healed from the things long ago done, here again at my door arrives those eyes I never can forget.

I suppose it’s the way of the human experience to release what we can’t understand or control and then revisit it after altering moments of life and experience. ¬†It’s best to just understand that you make my heart skip beats and you hold breaths in your heart that from me you have taken away.

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