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The Last Hour of 2012

For me this year has been a typhoon of change of different and new.

This year I said goodbye one hundred percent to the person I was to arrive at who I am at this moment.

A work in progress still but better, more honest, more worthy of beauty and of happiness.

If we count every negative thing that happens to us as just something bad to dwell on, we will never make it to the euphoria of which we dream.

While I may not be at that euphoria, I am definitely on my way. I owe that all to God and faith.

My faith that there is a God, that there is a better version of my self somewhere in the life I had been living.

Exactly a year ago I was in a much different place, cleaning up the apartment I shared with my mother to move to another place and for the first

time in a long time I felt like I had a home. I owe most of that to my mom but there was a woman by the name of Selin that mad those days days of change. Now a year later I can’t help but smile and say that God is good, faith is amazing and my life is a miracle. To tell a person who lives daily knowing me and say that who they see is not the person that existed would seem foreign and strange to them but Selin knew that woman, the man who rang in the new year with me would say it was me but those people and those days are now gone. Those moment no longer apart of my existence and I am truly happy for those days for those people because they are apart of who I am day.

In this final hour of my year of change I have to thank my God first and foremost for delivering me from what others have not been able to, for giving me a good job, for allowing me friends who love me and help me to arrive.

To Sian T Morris.. thank you for giving me a home, when none seemed available and while it’s a lifetime away from California, this change has been nothing but good for me.  Not just her but to Tj G.. for being her half when she needed it most and being my friend and allowing your beautiful daughter to  brighten my days. Because of the family you don’t even know you have made you have become my family.

To my older Sister Shawishi for being more my sister in these last months when I needed her most.

To my new friend Aaron for being my escape when I needed it most, and being a man of who I am proud to know.

To Chimere… you are my best friend.. we have weathered many storms and still love each other exactly as we are no matter who that may be.

To Christopher to taking me home when I didn’t know I had a home from that place I have grown.

To Erin Michelle.. for knowing I could be this person today. That conversation  changed my life.

To change for change is not just a thing but an entity. Employ change for 2013.

To Tia.. I am glad to have you back.

To Bj… My heart be brave forgive, and know that the man you are is the man I am proud to know…

I love you all.

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