Infamous Thoughts for You

With each moment I find something new in you. Find a man worth admiring… find a place to hide from the world. Release the ache of the daily pain of living. Your smile exudes a quiet understanding of who I am when I am bare. It is rare ..
Who you are
You ignite me
Hot and rapid moans of desire
Become my the wire that holds the fence that is the entrance to me
Keep away the devious vine that leads to a rose of thorns.
No beautiful red petals to fall at my feet. Melodies
Become infamous symphonies
Reality made up of fantasties
Kind heart
Intelligent mind
Physical beauty
Completely unique
You create a magnetic field from within me
One that wants to repel you
But drawn so fiercely we attract
Who are you really if not mine

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    Another One of My Poems that originally was posted on my other blog, The Weapon, The Cure, The Reason

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