I Believe I’ve Grown

Did you ever wake up one day and your heartbeat is different? It moves through a different rhythm of musical overtures and you look at yourself and you think how did I get here, Sometimes the thought brings about a feeling of pain and disdain, breeding the coup of bird like images from the nest thrown and drowned by the wind. Then their are times when smiles creep across your face one two and then the third true smile because not only are you different but you have wiggled your way from that old snake skin and the rough edges of your past is left behind. The walls in your room don’t have the same mocking eyes, mine don’t have those mocking eyes. Now they look back me a reflection of the pride I feel from within myself. Today I completed the first stage of my future. The reason why God gave me these hands and a bum foot. So I could sit still and write… Life Here I Come


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