Hunger Games : May Love Be Forever in Your Favor

Suzanne Collins and her dang Hunger Games. It was an outright fevered phenomena, and in parts the idea of it is a blind sadness that breaks the hearts of the kind soul. It mends the ideology of  a growing evil but mostly it is  the beginning of a hope for the commonality of man. We hunger for love and she plays us to the left now doesn’t she?… with a story where competition is reliant upon survival but then us the watchers how we hunger for death and love in the same passionate way. Yet our hope that love will supersede death is far greater yet love is passe these days. We rather watch the humiliation of another rather than the victory. I hunger for the beat of my heart to skip and triple at the touch of a hand, at the wisp of hair moved from my eyes so that I can see. I am a woman, do men hunger for these moments to be valiant, well the hunger games says so…. Is Suzanne telling us that if we choose to watch the birth of love prior to the penchant for death that life would be less likely to have an audience or more likely to just be the manipulated party.  This movie burned my need to be quiet and I wanted to yell. I did..  i spoke to the TV like it was sitting with me speaking back… I wanted to move beyond the images and then I yearned in my heart for arms to circle me and touch me, and love me something I hungered for and I thought about it…… may the odds be forever in your favor…. for me… they haven’t been where love is concerned and I hunger for it.

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