Friendship Prayers

Dear God, most High

I must ask as to why, you have given me such beauty,such love so young whimsical and eternal it allows me to fly, trying my best to get close to you , without these birds of paradise, I wouldn’t have made it through.  They give me smiles, audible and silent, support, and honesty, a truth of life, because of them I will try with all of my might to be the best me I could possibly be, I think the you in them, gives me a kiss of hope eternally. Something to believe in, something to show that life has the ability to be more than the moments  that affect us negatively, it can be the most beautiful of all things when love is the air that lifts are wings… thank you God for friends like these…….

To Erin, Sian, Chimere, Christopher Stanback, Brooks James, Desmond, Seline, Tashima ,Tia, Lauren, Daryl and Ty

Because of you I survived the storm, and now I can spread my wings.. for your prayers, your love and your support, I couldn’t ask for more.. You hardly ever falter, and most of you never leave, you allow me to wear my heart on my sleeve, to fall and fail, to get up and try again, I thank God daily for such beautiful friends.

Funny I have been so caught up in what I lost with my family that I forgot how much I had with these people. I changed in so many positive ways but I became cynical. Today I realized that… but I am back.. well at least the nice part.

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