Door to Footprints

I seek the moment of paradise, yearn for it’s beginning. Strive for the belief that beauty is beyond the seen, the evident, the instrument to life. My heartbeats are strong, although they seek to weaken it’s steps, weaken it’s faith. They ask me why I speak of my heart as though it lives, as though it walks daily. It may not have it’s own feet, own legs, but’s movement and vibrations are loud and independent. It’s resolve has the will power to move change with lost pints of nectar. I find no lost in it’s sabbaticals. When it returns it’s ability to teach me lessons is beyond those people who claim love, who preach belief. My heart is it’s faith in God. It’s faith in me. Heart prints are portals to lives before lived, to days already written yet undocumented. The Baring of my soul is the opportunity to believed in the down trodden underdog. That underdog isis me and I believe in me.

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Filed under desire, destiny, Emotion

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