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If Love is my Desire, the…

If Love is my Desire, then beginning with hot fire, love won’t grow it will perish in the flames…

If I could suggest in this first moment
the opening line as this,
my best synopsis of a story yet untold
A man as I see, with a few things told
Do I dare just let it unfold
or give you a preview
spoilers inside
many step forward, yet a chosen few
invited to the proceed into my lair
a place built with love, faith, harmony

sexusality, feminity completely unique,  
all me
a pink emotion visual mystique
as far as the eye can see
out in the distance I went, drugged up on life
drunk with indulgences that the world negate
Starry rights, incandescent nights
fate’s romance
destiny’s decadence,
believing in belief
all that beauty we sacrificed with innocence

If I ask who you are
I won’t just ask you your name
I will divulge beyond the words
to entice my intellect
It’s all apart of defying the game
gaining respect
being different, not doing the same
things that leave us once again on this same road
I want to evoke the understanding of connection
imperfectly beautiful defining perfection
seeking a lover to kiss my soul
someone to share in the whole

SO I ask what inspires the man in you
the drive for more than just seeing
the living of believing
the moment of avid memory making
it was the misbehaving, the craving for heart
that created this first road to the beginning of
whatever is meant to be
So before we introduce our minds
Let me reinvent the hello
Here inside lies me, I am committed to faith
never fear, for year after year
God continues to reveal in my experience
that hindrance lies in my disability to giving him the praise
the honor, and my pain…
His love is never in vain
The next play in this game arrives with us both winning, inspired by the heart
is the first step to the gift of my acknowledgement
SO many a man don;t know how attractive it is to just be,
A man who defines simple elegance
To be a man of this design, you must be comprised first of heart
not just status, and it seems you without question are built of love
Less arrogance, mors substance

An arriving man is defined by me, as the new generation of men
who find being a man is not the seed your spread, but the foundation he lays
not how many women he can bed, but the amount of days
he can hear the same woman say, I am impressed and infected by your heart, kindness,
passion, sentiment
To find the man who I can tell daily.. “My love for you is infinite”
is the part of my desire
that creates a woman fueled by fire
So a man who cares for offspring, and can truly be called daddy
includes a defining characteristics of that man who is elegance
A truth, that can of man inspires me to reach to the clout it takes to be his queen
to care for his heart while, he cares for responsibilities
It also evokes emotional turbulence in my heart that seems to soar
yearning for more, above the clouds, beyond the sea, inside the rhythm of each breath I take
each promise I make, each day I live, each vow of emotional suspension I give

If you ask me who I am
She is me
a woman living inside her unique duality
depth found on travels amiss the norm
a heart that’s been tattered, torn
and then reborn
just to live inside of hope
I play to hard, and give less thought
to ‘things” than the average female
to many things to explore, to many tattles to tale, explore and reveal
to reveal my presence in what I can get
instead of what I can feel
labored in the art of love
I cook to bleed my heart and feed the bodies
of my beloved’s
Never just for me, it feels empty
Words, truth, justice evoke the inspiring agent inside of me
and uprising occurs
and then another part of Nya arrives
she is loud and complicated, opinionated and powerful
she is also the one that comes home to show the heat that needs to lite the fire
in the object of my desire…

If we ask
what will we find
if we first let our souls meet, then our minds
it might be extraordinary

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June 7, 2012 · 9:12 am

iT’s yOu

iT’s yOu.

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