Gritty Revelations of Emotion

Brown eyes to brown eyes

Depth even in the first glance

should I ,

clicking to fast,

creating ties

without knowing it was taken, that chance

finance this lust, Bill the regret

lets make it hard for  our hearts to forget

Left reservation for your invitation

having pasted the days of not knowing

I have been growing, evolving beyond no

just to appear to be above the rest

when my soul, body and mind want so masterfully to formulate yes

I guess

it’s all those years

Living behind my fears

No faith in the unknown

then he appeared when nothing seemed worthy of my life

no desire inside arrived at baby; forever; wife

those old wounds, still throb

 scars of a child’s memories

told that the emotion from the womb is enate

for me a dream sold for less then obligation

the foundation of heart not made

I could not, would not…

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