Daily Inspections of Soul… Day 1

ednesday, May 9, 2012

“The King of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in emotional availability. I inspire, protect and nurture with reliable compassion, respect, and affection. I am a master in the art and am secure enough in my role to connect to, express and pursue my heart’s desire while defending the greater good of those who rely on me. I am empowered by consistency and patience while trust is my gift or Holy Grail.”


        Each day I get these little pieces of the universe’s notes to being a full and productive member of my energy. Some days I am so moved by the insight to my most internal understandings of my world.  As a woman of spiritual and religious backgrounds it was not hard to see the connection of the much persecuted as well as celebrated area of astrology and the heavens we still know and understand little of.  I thought that of all the things that I post… this is one of those things that might allow me to truly be introspective of my self. A lot of days I will avoid my own scrutiny, being unkind to my faith and giving more attention to the old and unreliable ally that is fear. It angers my heart to see my mind muddy his trust, and love for me, a deeply rooted connection that would allow my work for this life to be a child born of that innocent first time type of love that will not only bang for my happiest moments but for the lessons that I have learned in my unpopular roads in this life. The days we are lost to our most powerful fears, we lose our resolve and our fight for the beautiful lifetime love for reckless and meaningless jaunts with fear. Some emotionally lengthy flings. I find the most influential in my life are the irresistible and violently passionate one night stands of my delusions and actions that leave me paralyzed in paranoia and self-doubt. Those two friends will come by often trying to get me out of my house of faith were comfort and peace lend matchmaking to success and complete happiness. Those friends are easier to lose to for we can chuck those up to a bad moment or day. You may not believe in the art of astrology, or its counterpart science but we must take all our lives to the thought of positive, to amend it’s acts of positivity. What is your daily mental map? Where r you going to allow your mind to travel/ Will it cause more sunlight to nourish your growth or negative.

Yesterday, I found that I was indeed emotionally charged and let my sadness cause me to avoid my daily tarot for a positive boost to aid in my smoothie of faith. Don’t make that mistake today.



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