Channel 3 News: Love Seen After Release


If eternities can be seen with these same eyes
Knowledge of this active living
It would be seen
the trips we have met
each life time our paths crossing
heart beats heard in tandem
days of souls meshed
nights of desire
heated in passion, fire
dreams realized over infinite scopes of time
in the active history
not found reason
no rhyme
lost lips relentless
feelings immense
Its affinity

Its capable,
that impossible
lived before
in the heart of exceptional minds
dated, chronicled the words
in elevated suspension
It’s heaven’s door
most desired
and defined
in the living lifetime
for one to see it in the others of another
can call it love
drug induced rantings of minds gone
mentally insane
is what is said
yet did those men lie in beds
marked by nothing known to the commonality
of the immensity of redemption
or love
for none
simple, definitive or more true
earth defied and constantly applied
are these things
each create miracles, tap down beats and then sing
the heart
the part so intricate to the action of life
pumping this delicate warming liquid disinfectant
the blood is the cure
so pure
when untouched by hate
the bait of those that kill
no less real
than the fact that love is what heals
It blossoms by the dark of night and shines and changes things
in the purity of light
It fights, it feeds,
merges to create new seeds

Again the cycle goes
another creation, a new part
in the art
you find the tune
given by these catalyst of original thought
each saying the same
each tell the play that wins the game
yet deaf we are to the calls
that resounds through the dank and open skies
left to minds asking the hows the whys
just to defy the heart
that is speaking, healing, thriving
never does it survive instead it just dies
If these eyes could see the life in which we lived before

maybe I would trust you more
be consistent in my truth
for no fear would penetrate the silence so loudly
no body entice the desire so profoundly
only you or if not
then left empty
yet simply my eyes do not see only my heart
and its a warrior of the army
it’s leader undefeatable, unpenetrable, unkillable, a king
the entity of all beings
sees, holds and plays all the cards
not for return or profit
just intent
of choice
for voice
if in those lifetimes the half of this whole is behind those eyes
it can be a thousand days without you
a thousand others you choose
for you would still be incomplete
a feeling of lost still nipping at f your need
to bleed
for it would be the pain you feel
that makes it feel real
not that unexplained
connection, undeliberate affection
or detection of a life renewed
no trial, no search for truth

my truth already seen, no need to seek what is found
our ashes to ashes, our dust to dust
this lifetime it seems may be harder than the others lived
for at first sight I new in this life you lived
the signs were loud bold and unable to be hid
no true memory of you did
the thing needed to be done
yet on sight the activation had started
So God bless…

To those others that we dearly
and sincerely loved yet still departed

To love across the scopes of time
no reason true
no rhyme defined
unless the belief is true….. LOVE DOES NOT EXIST
Case closed
evidence suggest
Beyond reasonable doubt
that love exist by means of probable cause and testimony
penalty of perjury
the united decision of the jury,
an objective party of peers
that it does indeed exist
So let us all raise hands that now sits on laps, hangs at sides
to display balled fist
to what can not be defined, but clearly seen


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