A Comment on (day 32: network for humanity ( A most disturbing trend))

day 32: network for humanity ( A most disturbing trend).

Hey Ladies and Gents, fellow artists, friends, families, followers, and all Spiritual and Religious peoples, for the strangers… hello to you as well…. to children, teens and adults alike and for those I have forgotten… its only because I can not recall any other group at this point for people are people and what we all have in common is something like the blog listed above. We are a community of human beings from coast to coast, city to city, like and so for the entiriety of the oxygen breathing kind. We breathe in simialar ways and bleed red on top on and blue with the casing of our forms.

I wanted to just make a comment and I could not find it on the actual page so the next best option was to do what God has intended, the universe, Allah or by whatever name you should call the deity of being. I agree with this blog and my reason is this…. pain is a negative energy and the negative is the big dog in this purpose. See we have become a society of sharing our flawed aspects with the world instead of accepting and changing and those actions that are filed away behind shame are the ones that we should adhere the love in shame. Love does not seek to deplete or pollute the mind of its recipient. We have the power to create a destination of change for good, for connectivity that allows us the bettering of our world. For the children that we love, for the places and things that create connection in our lives. Not more than a few short weeks ago we were angered and felt controlled by the action of the bill SOPA in which won that small battle and even I didn’t find the right in the wrong yet this blog helped to show me how the ammunition that was used to cause us this pause of our making. The burning desire of greed in our bellies and the wanning readiness to actually admit that some of things that has polluted our access to this beauty identification of technology that we all use in some form. If we would have felt the honor in its importance as well as our own we would not have given them anything to vindicate the opposition. Sex like most things of humanity are natural and known to cause the reactions they do in others and even ourselves. I was told by someone I respect and see as wise that he doesn’t understand how you love someone but want t give them all of your pain and shame and I responded that love is a vulnerability that creates a meaningful safety to express and explore those things that we don’t like in ourselves. Those flawed aspects of who we are make up the whole coupled with the things we flaunt in admiration of ourselves and when he states his next few words I decided to change my mind about this one thing. I will share who I am and how I got there yet I will not live in those moments and with the return of love in its equation I will not wallow in the negative of action, but battle it by change or commitment to the control of self. If you must lower the value and watch over the shoulder to partake then make sure you don’t share that with the world unless you just want to make your flaws their own. I let u choose your bad and not being judgemntal means respecting that person and their choices. I believe in the model of you like it I love it unless it hurts you or me but if you will be offended by mine you shall never be shown that without the request to begin…

Say yes for pg 13 on public sites and even I love a porno or two but not at the expense of discomfort to anyone else. RAGE on and be a Super Star for Love.

This has been a duality for the Humanity public service announcement. Live ON my nation of revived revolutionary FOLK.


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