The Condition of Warriors: Irene Sendler (inspired by blog Lady To Remember)

On this earth I live, with others. Others that have legs, arms, eyes, families, beliefs and hearts. The conditions of life give and take to the purpose. Many before me and many after will look out windows and ask how, why and search lifetimes for answers. Today as I sat to read my rss feed, I was presented with this blog that will be left for you to read and share and somehow I became angry, and nostalgic and smitten with life.  Rose berried cheeks and soul seeking eyes stared back at me from my mirror and I remembered something that many of us forget.  We have power. The kind of power that allows us the ability to change, the ability to help, the ability to liberate our hearts from failure, just enough to risk it and do something. I am not sure about all of you out there but I want to make a difference. Maybe the difference won’t be as dynamic as Ms Sendler, or as beautiful, but it will help someone. It will be enough to say that I didn’t lose the war with whatever fear that came embedded in the risk.

Ms Sendler had the guts and the compassion to do something that many others would have labeled foolish and dangerous, she didn’t find those two things even complementary to  who she was I believe. She also didn’t find those things comparable to what was right. I won’t give away what you will read below if you are not familiar with who she is… please read… and to you my friends, followers, family…. I don’t write because its fun to do, I write because it’s a force… it’s a unlabeled emotion and factor who I am. When I don’t write it doesn’t seem right.. I neglect my power. I can’t build a program, perform heart surgery…. Sometimes the risk in being made of the condition of warriors is simply not believing in your ability to fight alongside seasoned fighters.

A Lady To Remember.


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