Looking Beyond Surface.. Did You Stop to Think

I am writer, a poet, an avid thinker who lives in the daily faith of belief,  hope, the grandeur of thought. Looking into the world on a search to connect to the moments that give me validating experience of the purpose of life. Artists are these randomly thinking people who figure out ways to express the militant ideas of reality. We live in the production of fantasy to escape conformed ideas and idiotic attachments to the norm…. many will stop and look around, cracking their necks and rubbing the increasing levels of sweat that covers the palms of their hands on pants leg as they become uncomfortable with what is being felt when they experience this moment with the loud, offensive and deliberate portrayal of these random and dangerous thoughts these people display. I have seen it in the audiences of movies, poetry readings, musical concerts and even in debates of avid thinkers. My eyes glued to the way the bodies tenses, the chill rushes past and I am in awe of the power of just the portrayal of an idea or belief. Deep in the hidden gallows of my thinking… I chuckle to myself and allow the arrogant side of me to bleed so silently for just not being superficial and thanking he who is most high that I am not like the suited soldiers with washed brains. No true fire in the fight and understanding. So willing to just be told what is. They laugh with big ugly fat rolls of laughter as the person to the right of them, the left of them look on with pity.

If we don’t test the limits and boundaries of the land we will not grow to the level of spiritual euphoria… This thought came to me as the chill of God brushed my bare shoulders today.  Not in the mood to do anything but rest I sat back to watch a movie that before I began a download of another movie… I didn’t even know existed and it happened a gain this growl in my baby this beat of thought that felt stung, jolted, awakened by a premature thought that is now a pulse inside me, scene by scene I am watching, stopping…. now emotionally attached to this display of cinema this entertainment that is notbly  entertaining me with smiles and gayety. No instead it is giving me these thoughts that lead to questions, questions that has me in pursuit of the original thought? Who were they?  What ignited the thought in the creators that have brought me this cold reference to having appreciation and embracing God. What if it wasn’t money that they killed for rallied for…..but something as simple and free as that which we in this society already tak advantage of … the time we have alloted for this human experience… Time.

Land of the illustration, land of the led, land of the not so free.  Land of  the not believing, land of the no thought can be originated with the pursuit of greed…. Live beyond making money  and look at the things that are truly priceless. You may find that what can be provided is that which can be used to keep u in a form of sedated thought.



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