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We Can, You Can, I CAN cr…

We Can, You Can, I CAN create a tidal wave of change, a tsunami of love, and a battlefield for the fight against political control, the misuse of democracy, the abolishment of love. Their was a time my ancestors were marked as unworthy of helping to administer their thoughts, beliefs and ideas about how this country should be run, how it would preview its goals and what it stood for. Lets move beyond hate, beyond difference, beyond even tolerance and just do. You make your legacy and you can make yours be about a united and true nation. Not a nation for a DISPLAY… WE HAVE AMENDMENTS TO RIGHTS UN LIVED, WE HAVE A FORE AND SCORED DOCUMENT OF UNITY YET STILL BELIEVE IN PERSECUTION/ when WE DIVIDED CHURCH AND STATE.. WE NO LONGER BELIEVED IN HUMANITY, WE THEN BEGAN A UP SWEEP OF THE POWER MINDED MOLDERS OF THIS NEW WORLD TO IMPLANT THE IDEAS OF BEAUTY AND SERENITY, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS



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January 18, 2012 · 11:28 am

All a Family

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Feeling the In Between

Today I am going to reveal parts of myself that I have not here before. Today I havve lived in the in between. It is a unique place of negative and positive, light and dark. Faith and the lacking of it. It is a sensitive moment in time that is meant to make you stronger, test you faith and prepare you for the future. Many will say how do you know? What gives you that idea? My answer is simple, I know it is, I feel it in the between that you lose staggering from passion right to passion wrong. Its the sticky residue o feeling the negative and knowing the right. The choice of consequence from reaction to pain. The taming of the shrew, the right way of the Montaque, the few moment before a mistake is made. The acceptance of love not being returned. The in between is the faith that settles in a warm cold around your heart and you must release and give in to the hurt of not hurting forever. In between falling in love and out. That is the “Feeling the In between”

When change has come whether by choice or depth of experience… it is the erie fog moving across the water aligned road in the suspense thriller the orchastera wild with alto saxaphones, cruptc strokes of organ sounds and you feel the the culmination of your lessons learned approaching. The in between can make or break you and it can solitify opinion or topple negative prapoganda. 

As the day turned to night and I struggled to keep my smile from completely escaping me I remembered a small place of pleasure that was earned guiltily and some may ridicule my choice yet it came with the new season and final season of One Tree Hill. For me that first tear to cascade to the cleft of my breast, cured the fear in my unsure actions and I smiled… God had not left me and the only hidden cove that that I had wandered into was a fear of who I have become for who I was… the In between has sight… I thank God for the strength of love for all of us… each day anew another chance. Thankful for today…. even when it didn’t feel so full of belief and faith.

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The Screening of Original Emotion Depiction “LOVE TRUE”

The Screening of Original Emotion Depiction “LOVE TRUE”.

This is a post on another blog I have created…. hope you all enjoy and check out my blog on a love unspoken…..

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Deeper Thought

The pursuit of love has been lost to the foils of the worldly belief that there really is something else to acquire and live for. As I sat in the garage of my now old apartment waiting for a friend that I met in the last dramatic made for night-time primetime drama of my life I spoke to the friends of my past and we dove deep into the idea of witchcraft the understanding of homosexuality and the age-old debate of religious doctrine. The belief  of a higher power lives in the dwelling of the heart or eternal understanding that we call the soul and no where in that understanding does it categorize us by the intent of our sexuality, the dull and small differences in skin pigmentation or the belief of culture or practice of tradition.

This past holiday season there was a commercial that stated that traditions were not to be kept but to keep us together and it touched me quite a bit for it was the truest thing I had heard among the selling  of products in a long time. For it appealed to the natural sense of relationships.

I feel as though I find myself screaming day in and day out about the course of life and the true meaning and reason or our journey of the human experience. Love is the ultimate tool for there survival of humanity.


If we look beyond the sight of life, meaning beyond the natural understanding of what dwells before me in action by pursuit of the identified connectivity what could we actually feel and who would we know. Many people we find to be different from us for the swag of the person is difference, the commonality of activity and the tired, old and unfortunately truth of ignorance. The blame , lack of knowledge on the individual  basis. We as humans have been duplicated human shells built from a synthetic fiber labeled fear!  allowing the blocks of separation to keep us at a divided front. Has anyone every looked to the days of preschool and looked at the memories of the friends kept. The laughs shared and the lack of demise of the human thought that had been taught to us as the years had on.

Last week I took the time to watch the movie the Bratz which was based on the popular selling doll line and I was brought to emotional overtures as I looked at the division of love to build on the yielding of power and found myself very touched and also floored that we have allowed the positioning of the devil to be placed in the intimate affairs of our lives. For those of you who passed on the sweet  tween scene movie… It talked about how five very different young woman with different goals, belief and activities lost  the memory of how they had become friends while the looming of new friends become the ideas of the current day.  We will meet similar solders during these days of growth and we shall embrace those people yet the difference of ideas and passion can be more than satisfying. And also the keenest of different minds leave us a step ahead of our enemy.

I think that Martin Luther King said it best… “That we judge on the content of our character” Let us not lose this battle. Our greatest tool is unity and love and we need this handguns of positivity to be warriors against our true enemey.

Let us leave behind the pursuit of money and power and become the beast of positivity. Please remove the glasses of conformity and hold the hands of our neighbors to connecct in humanity.

I have for years been a bit judgemental of one set of people for the the crass behaviors of to earn money. Leaving behind the heart of people who work for them. And as God planned I  family of similiar heritage to find that for me to take my formulated and observed opinoion to weaken my plight for the growth of myself and humanity.

The only thing that really matters is love and connectivity.

Beyond the Sight of our Media driven lives there are other people with stories identical to yours and those petty distant factors of separation will mean nothing when it comes to the drive of survival. Which is why I love the movie Poseidon.. that is love and unity working it’s magic..

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