Losing Risk..I miss it

When the doors to opportunity open and make open passages to harmony, we sometimes lose our fearless abandon, questioning consequences and outcomes. Losing the fight of thoughts gone wild. Taking chances has become a thing of a childhood lost to being an adult. We have forgotten how to become adventurers of the heart. Instead being infected by decayed misgivings of “what if I lose all that I have gained.” Maybe it is better to have nothing. For those with nothing seem fearless of the consequential outcomes. In the line of sight I have seen win or lose they do it not always just for the profit but also the experience. Experience has lost it’s popularity in modern society.The gamble at one time did conmulinate in thoughts of only lost, the minds of people did lend so much severity in the depth of rejection… for it is said in archaic words of this experience we call living “what do I have to lose?” When did dreaming become something of the risking kind, and when did taking chances lose the fight with just settling. Without the leap there can be no risk so it seems that risk recovery is just risk discovery, which is just risk defending the the safe by suspending it’s useful purpose in life. With the fear we invite into our hearts risk has become powerful. Powerful for the control of the mind, control of faith and the spread of fear. Now fear is a crutch where with courage, and brave hearts can be a tool of motivation. It wears now the honor of resistance and restriction, keeping you at bay and constrained. Through eyes of experience, wisdom and faith we will see the good in a risk. Risk isn’t dangerous, it’s merely the  unknown a prejudiced uncharted bank of waters. Without a risk many of us would not be here living, breathing.  I have been thinking and the elusive is sexy to me so I have begun to lust for it,  want to begin a passionate, altering, and brazen  love affair with that old friend, and intertwine it with it the way many have with safe. Safe is no longer an ally , it’s taken to double agency and is doing the more negative than positive. Safe has mastered a new craft of slaying possibility, leaving ideas decaying on the fore front of minds never born to action. Safe is keeping our children from sprouting, No longer “in risk” to playing out in the yard. Imagination has been  left abandoned , to much of a risk.  Instead their minds have  been broaden by technological  logic,,, creativity is criminal, a terrorist of changing and individuality. Instead be no more then a trained mind be a prisioner of the implanted thought,chained to tv’s that  hypnotize the brain, leaving them morally blind. Giving them age before growth, and fear before faith.  A little bit of risk makes the journey worth going on.. what if you at the age of nine didn’t build that ramp you thought soaring across would be so fun, what if a doctor didn’t take the risk on that life changing hypothesis.. The widening madness is rising, this widening gap of being led instead of leading… not just in leadership but in love, in friendship in learning in maintaining. Wearing down the ability to survive by relying on instinct, we are become robotic entities of simply complying instead of defying, just hear, listen and obey the words are lost in the clicks, the moving pictures to hide the fact that they are lying,  Don’t take the risk, just hear, listen, and download this disk, to protect what has already been taken. I am just wondering how losing risk leaves me so cold, robbing me of that youth like feeling, just feel denied, left behind and old. Maybe I should have took the risk instead of so eagerly yelling fold to afraid to lose what I already had, maybe that risk would have been so much more. The risk may yield less than happy results but what do I care… without the risk, seems soon we may not feel there is anything worth fighting for… without risk, do you really think you will dream of  something more? 


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