This Love Inspires Me

You are living inside of the closeted places of my mind that preserve the honesty of our meeting

in those places these memories, these thoughts of you can live

Left to the device of me, I would remove you from the bin in which I recycled your beauty

My mind I feel most days has betrayed me, left me to feel everything that I have told my reflection

I could dull with the days building between our last embrace, the last taste

of the man you are

Yet the distance whether near or far

makes nothing of the love I feel simmer into the burnt ash of pain that seems to burn away so quickly

the clock will continously change, always ticking

making journies of empty moments to hold on to

yet my heart seems so strong in it’s position

The true definition

of loyalty

this love it inspires the queen in me, the queen to your king

My heart seems to think we live in a castle of emmaculate devotion

she is not detirred by the past

this love is the only thing that seems to last

in the constant movement of my being

every song heard whispers your name

always the same

You love another, and my heart knows

yet she still beats for you

I tired of fighting

Tired of looking for reasons to hate you

when it’s not you, sometimes the things you do but never enough

to leave you in the book of memories

No my heart is marked by the touch of your tenderness

the emotional words of poets long since

marked epic

are breathing as your tongue and lips give them life

and it’s like we are still laying. holding and saving the things we were once to afriad to reveal

the hard exterior you use as defense

the quick chatter of my tonque hoping to mask the nearvous energy daring to jump to my

active understanding

You, even the simplicity of a thought,  inspires me and the love beats louder so it seems.

I am in awe of this love that exist halfway to you, and half away from me.

This love that has it’s own heartbeat

Connecting us our miles, and pain

without desire to  gain

without expectation

without need or want

it just is and smiles

even when we can not

our love that we don’t acknowledge

our love, this newborn light,  a miracle we

continue to deny

This love inspires me

for it’s strong

denies foolish things like fear

and exudes a faith

that has created a new belief in me

the kind that says it’s possible to love

without the condition of selfish interest

Our mouths wish each other well

and even make that promise of never being more than a call away

the games the mind will play

when the heart can’t be moved

can’t be sold a dream

when the reality is the truth of love

This love that still breathes

when the oxygen it needs seems to be exhausted

Adapting to it’s new atmosphere

when our actions have been left to avengeing the felonies of emotional misconduct

This love never makes judgements of life sentences of prision

This love judges us not by the color of hestiation

yet by the content of it’s destination

loving and remaining as God would do

we are prodigal children of our own hearts

leaving them in pursuit of pastures that we are blind to

for lies  our minds tell when the expectations are not met

when we are not brave enough to forgive

this love forgives us until we forgive the reflection

never waiting in vain

This love inspires me to be free

bold, and daring

to defy the logic of scientific and calculated thought

This love is feeding me. nuturing the growth of evolving

beyond mistakes of the yesteredays we replay as reminders to excuse

the sin of ignoring

This love that has built a duplex at the core of our hearts

I feel it beating and working on the future gateways and bridges to

allow us the single door

This love is brave, and courageous

It inspries me to forget what the others have done

Inspires me to love with kindness,

This loves inspires me to see the things I before

could not accept

and open my eyes to questions

I didn’t need to ask

This love is no executioner or guard to the staginant of pain defense memory

This love  preaches and lives for faith

This love has inspired me to change

To see beyond the conformity to defending the heart

This learned art of forgiving but never forgetting

This love is showing me that the heart is a muscle

and with the right rehabilation will again be a productive member of my society

If i trust it will heal and forget

If I don’t continue to misuse it strength and submit to it’s vulnerability

It will beat for me

This love inspries me to not be ashamed of the fact that it exist

regardless of the conditions

It lives and is growing, will not abandon me for convience

This love inspired me to believe in it..



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