I love….Humanity or Democracy


A fined tooth comb,

surpassing the tangles of bullshit being fed to me

knotting my mind into dreads of dirty, filtered information

a substation of thought, logic

thought to be nothing more than a weaved wonder of false truth

that’s not me, to this government I shout


selling me a prograndic type aversion to the marked “classified”

We the people need to break these barriars we call cultural differeces, and begin to stand unified

Deep beneath the tanned brown of my skin and the creamy white of yours pumps blood that is so very similar

in color, it may be exactly the same

Regardless of last name

each we  are pawns, in this game

we are not living,

just conforming

voting for the next brand “face”

we call a president

hasn’t it not become evident

as we lose our kindness to need

forsake the flowers of love, our seeds

we lose life by hands of each other

no longer a family of humanity

as if we don’t all bleed

from the scars of disdain

as we see the chemtrails

fill our skies

and decide with a quiet tongue to not ask the questions of complete truth

No longer naive to the democracy of idiocracy

Simplicity is but a gift to the imprisioned mind

we are of another kind

we are of the complicated design

or at least “I”

the justice of pain

is covered in temperatures of dialects that continue to arise

here in this land of the free

where the only truth is the lot of wealth that you can display

nothing here is free, just your soul

which for the right amout of fame

many of you well sell

then yell each day in pain as your mark of the devil screams from the angels

not blind to you

what did you do, what was the sacrifice

to no longer struggle for the beauty of these lands

In the night my eyes open wide, bright with out the covering of the lies

without the voice of the conformed entity

Don’t lose your thoughts to the hypnotized, modified version of the current events

no event that is at the for front of your vision is based on the bottom line

shut the fuck up america

pay the fine

give us that last dime

don’t speak

don’t think

you are the mine in the battlefield

yield to the dollar

stop at the cent

the division of love is at the cost of our home in  heaven

count back from ten then stop at seven

and that percent

is not even the amout of truth told with the camera’s tracking movement

not for the safety yet the control of the whole

I fight no man for the resource created by the land

who are the real terroist in the nation of your understanding

holding at gun point the belief of love

so many slain

their shoulders just shrug

when wives fall to the floor buckling in pain

we live in emotional tierney

for this physical democracy where we have the ability to choose

not the laws, not the justice

just the face we call leader, we believe can make change



give the endorser of the money makers endorsement our nation a prettier face

regardless of race

he is not the movement of the bills that go past as you sleep

the underground shelters built

while we prepare for homeland wars

open the doors to your mind

and choose the battle in which you want to fight

for your currency or what is right


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