Evoke Pleasure or Pain. Choice?

Each day is another chance at personal and connected beauty. Defining beauty as the sincerity in our hearts displayed by actions, by reactions, by the words used to vocalize thoughts for purpose, for freedom, for gain, for destined path to destination. Which as I write this, I look at the word destine and the word destination and I see something I have never really seen before. Life is a constant battle of our thoughts, fears, dreams, experience and circumstance. We are so much like the building blocks that we played with as children. Each day building us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, effecting the next set of actions, and decisions we make. We as people give so much power to our surroundings and are environments to control the depth of which we display our wild and natural emotions. The things we feel are never wrong. However how we say, display and convey these wild and natural freedom of emotions can uplift or discourage the world in which we occupy. This is the hardest of lessons and breathes a rhythmn unique all it’s own. Fear is the leading cause of conformity and lost souls and is the greatest tool of the greatest enemy while living this human experience.

The key to choice is it’s freedom. We can do what we want and I know many people out there just as me have used the words in heated moments of defiance, defense and explanation. I can do what I want. Yes, yes you can. Yet should what you want hurt the people who share the environment of your life. Those who you come into contact with, and love should not be affected in a manner of negative based on your actions. How often are we sharing our misery, our consequences for as strong as we were to create the destination and path of the negative, we have become weak in baring the judgement of the universe in a solo one man act. The disease of negativity has the power to turn around the course of someone’s day, their life, their destination could be marred from the lost of positive for negative. I want you all to have smiles, do you want it for yourelf, your family, your friends. Never believe that people do not bare the grunt of our emotional ovetures even when they do not speak of the cough or stuffy nose of lies, deciet, attitude and rape of the smile that leaves the faces that surround us.


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