Leaving Behind the Employers of Negative

Look out into the world as you awake and you will the beauty of newness, the love of humanity and the wicked ways of the negative.  Many have great employers who continue to build companies of misery. Adding more to it’s likeness until they are neck high in the the work of fear and sadness. Don’t lose the fight daily, even for a second because the riches in sadness have doubled in past few years and it is has become a monopoly. Independent companies of happy, light and faith are working hard to win you back yet the glare of the HI Definition screens of the news, false friends and illness are working to cripple you. It starts with a thought and is more contagious then the common cold, and now the common colds seems less in rotation having tired of looking for host of physical weakness for the world in body and physical growth has increased. Gorging the mind of newness, ideas and further progression in the medical field. Drugs the biggest contender of healing. No longer is the natural way of life acceptable and successful in the eyes of many when the attitude is what is really to blame. The thought process of positivity and wellness. Happiness, with high doses of love is the true healer. The real health plan that maintains a strong mind body and soul. The conformity of your thought is sold as a benefit of your employer of negative. A fininacial bonus that indeed we will pay a portion of your insurance that your body will fell and we hold you hostage by this need.  The fixtures of chemical and electrical waves inplant deformities of your senses, your needed appendages and your sobriety of worry. The child of stress that has now married consequence. We breathe synthetic and dilluted oxgen gorging on the purity of people when they alot of times are stragetic tools of competition and seperation.  Where have we all gone, what thought have we lost to igorance trapped in cubicals called homes fixed to contracts to deadly conviences that grow our bellies, weaken our minds and amplify imperfection, introduces variety and makes you feel inadequate as if this gift of life we have corrupted so much has become a consipiracy of spirtuality.

When will you quit your job of negative? When will the reps for customers of pain be outsourced to hell for allowing it’s way of living it’s ticket. Selling our hearts dream just to gain more sadness, more grief and more modes of communication only used to increase it’s profits and not to remedy the problem with solutions but to embrace the problem as a perquisites to classes of what began as curiosity yet are graduating to attacks of catastrophic terrorism. Not to this land yet to our souls which at one time was the core of living understanding and has become merely and epic fairy tale, a belief and not a fact. Yet is fact… When will you again command the beliefs that churn and whisper in weak voices to be heard dying from your fear to have faith in that which was born with you. Deep inside the cavity first manifested as your idea became a blend of two people lost to either love of each other or love of a feeling producing what might have been the first miracle ever seen to those eyes or merely just confirmation. Apply for a job with the occupation of spirtua;ity. The benefits may not be so many marked tangible but very much marked miraculous.


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