Dark Side Defined

    It comes when least expected, a moment of raw selfish intensity that begins with a twinge at the core of me, a small flicker of heat that spreads rapidly. The movement of my tongue becomes quicker, my thoughts darker. The spirituality of my heart is overwhelmed with the spirituality of my sexuality. A womanly need to be aware of me, my most intimate energy. Her aggression is wild in it’s delivery. A dark light of love pulsates through avenues of lost moments and definitive sections of denied fallacy. Flawed beauty masked in love by this higher deity. A monster to the darkened thoughts of being touched. A submission to the call of my dual energy. The elation of intoxicates, paired with waterfalls of erotic fire require that the thirst be quenched. She is her own entity claiming the call of her ability to just in the light of full moons be free. Her supplier is exact and always the same, he awakened her, gave her his own name for her selfish hold to his anatomy. Claimed the love was not for him, but I do love his mind, his soul, but she desires to only be filled, sedated, medicated and satisfied. He knows her need, for he is the flame, that burns, the water that cools her skin. My greatest flaw is the call, the written, enforced law. As she allows his mouth to invade hers the words come in ragged breaths her climax multiplying. Her faith dying as she wishes in that vulnerable moment she can unite her thought and live in love instead of sin. A cigarette touches her lips embracing the bad girl in her that normally stays just beyond the light. Never for the night. The euphoric aftermath of her dark submission, her craving cured, her light again revealed illuminating the path to her days of love for God and not her the pulse that had begun again…. She shudders, even when I lose I win.


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