We are an Un-Titled Story

Something at the first meeting changed me, even from the beginning it seemed as though I was different. I was a different version of who I had always been. Yet as I began to settle into the seat opposite you, I realized for the first time I was being me, in complete honesty. I was learning myself at the bridge of your words and as we crossed that bridge into common understanding, I realized the language that I spoke which before seem so foreign to people was not foreign to you. You seemed to understand the beat of my rhythm and able to join my song, as if we composed the lyrical melodies at the same piano, with the same guitar and the bass was exact; one sound. One movement, as you began to move, I began to complete my own.

Our God arranged meeting was nothing of love stories and the story we would together develop, live and breathe would be nothing of fairy tales. we would not make kisses of legendary energy. We would be THE lesson of faith and spiritual connection. The fascination of loyalty, the gamble of life and we would be the title to an untitled story. They could not title that which was unwritten. We are the story of love, the true depiction of souls intertwined through lifetime after lifetime. Love lines of intricate design. I didn’t live until we inhaled and together we began to breathe.

They call what we have begun the journey of the soul mates. I thought as a child that things were suppose to be of the magnificent kind. Always knew I was the exception. Always knew the life in which I belonged had not yet been discovered as I sat on the edge of reason in the wake of our latest crisis I began to doubt what God had already told me and I had begun to listen to the whispers of the devil on the outside looking in. And then my heart began to beat at rapid speeds as the fight in me kicked in, and I decided to not let the devil win. The goal of the devil was to divide and conquer what God has brought together knowing that we together can give and live love with great dividends, so instead of losing ourselves to constant battles we always find a way to make amends and continue to learn, grow, evolve, strive and we are so close to that golden word… we will soon thrive.

Love stories are always so whimsical so much romance of the glittering nature, but love is something that i didn’t understand, something that I could not embrace and the God in me was always a waste, as i did my best to leave him yet my walk was destined. As it seems so was yours. As our words began to touch the paths we had followed began to intersect it seemed we lived the same thing yet in the way of the masculine and feminine but our hearts seemed to speak in authority and then you seemed to be the kind of man that attracted me and even when you told me of you, I knew…t hat I might the kind of girl that could make you to do the things that a man will do. In the world we must connect at the worldly level and GOD was keen when he matched us in this pair and just like a miracle you were there and the rose, the blooming of a flower had began. Then the coincidence of our indulgence was at the helm of the place that we actually met and the roads we were both on. God plays not games when it comes to success and the things we would do would need the most concrete of foundations. I was not prepared for the beauty within me and you not prepared for the excellence in you, yet in the same place, we had completed a race that had not even begun. As I spoke you listened… each word a catalyst. As you spoke I listened, each word a catalyst. The broken souls finally heard, feeling whole, yet still peasants of the world, still vulnerable to the past, the memories that were created and the pain that lingered at the edges of hearts, a negative that was fighting to last. Yet as we merged God seem to emerge with greater force and without truly acknowledging the source…… The connection began to evolve and without reservation, we began to apply hesitation to what we had already come to know. That this thing was rare and it wasn’t fair that we had not met at the time most beneficial. we began to question the truth of the feelings felt, and the characteristics that were labeled flaw. We hadn’t accepted that, just as we had our individual journeys surpassed the definitions of the words defined by the common dictionary,the lands law… so had our interaction, if we subtracted the fear and added more faith, we wouldn’t need to be apart of the majority, but have pride in the fact that the elite are designated, anticipated and the time delegated by the God that lived within  our hearts. The coincidence of our past, were meant to acknowledge the link, if we didn’t take so much time to think, to understand, to demand the clarity of his plan then we would not be enrolled in this course. The unique design of how we relate, was completed when we chose to consummate. It was not the time,I would not be able to call you mine. Yet in the way of his love, he gave you hindsight, and me foresight. Gave you strength and gave me courage. He gave you the thought and me the words. He gave you experience, and me innocence. At our greeting, it was evident the duality that I was born into, was the duality that you lived. The affinity of connection was cataclysmic, dynamic. My words began to flow in prose, and yours at the edge of your lips, were meant as day two you gave me the confirmation that a man could be all that I believed. Born into pain, meant to shine in the rain, so that we could fight for those who had not the strength. They say when the right one appears, it will be enough to battle all your fears. That the years apart seem to disappear and that the entire time they were never far always near. And it is clear that the idea of soulmates does exist… I would not have stayed for the obstacles that have appeared if God had not spoken to me, he says your heart is more free, listen to me, this road will not be easy. I must build a team, and i must build it in the trenches of war. I must test your faith of this, if you shall ever have bliss, for the job is not an easy one. The things I give on this earth had not been appreciated. The love I feel for my children not reciprocated. Yet you two have lived in my love in the ways of risk. You have left the comforts of your teachings and set out for on job training and both have given to others the love that I have provided. Freely, and never begrudging those who hurt you, yet preserving. I built you for this. And the gift of love will be complete. Your hearts connection will not know defeat. If you listen to me. And as the friendship grew, the more I knew that this was not a dream, as my faith began to grow more and more each day. They call it a soul mate, if the affinity to one another is right. Affinity can be defined as the similar path of celestial connectivity, the four callings of the earth. The water, the fire, the air, the sea. For our humanity it’s… described as the four pillars of human compatibility. the connection of individuality is mixed and intertwined. We will bond…. emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. They say a soulmate is just a legend. Well i suppose that we are legendary. The gift of our a daily miracle as we come together I have given it all to faith, every single day. We have not said I do, we have not committed to love, we have not said the words. Yet in each other eyes, we never are surprised to find the person it seems that is always there. This field of jumps and lunges is not yet finished, and every day the fear seems to diminish.  We still have several test, before we will be exalted, and blessed.

We are the an Un-titled Story…  later to be labeled the true story of real life SOULMATES


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