The Insight of The Light, He works

The light of God is beyond the strength of the devil. The amount of faith that you give to God is up to you. He will in the weakest moments deliver you from the most destructive paths. Last night I started to write for I felt the devil trying to use friends to weaken my resolve of what I believe. Being free in his vision allows you the ability to live and breath without worry. When the devil surfaces, finding refuge on the sand of the mind and seeks to illiuminate the negative you must pray. If you do not and your resolve continues to detoriate then you have become a tool for sadness and deprived behaviors and that can be the beating of your spirit which will affect your mind and body as well. I am not preaching the word of God, for my knowledge of the text is weak at best. What I draw from is my heart. God is love and he made “ME” in his image so therefore I was born with his understanding and my intutuion will allow glimpses of example for the right and the wrong that I am faced with. So many times we leave God in the nature of surroundings. The bible which I see as our basic instructions before leaving our human experience here on earth should be the moments of clarity, the validation of his existence and the depth of lessons that are applied to us daily. One of the things that Got me writing this a friend I follow on twitter as well as my own breathing experience. The choice of a mate, their beliefs in God and the plans for you as a couple. A couple years ago I met a man who at first glance was not a man that I was interested in dating, barely to be a friend yet that place inside me that causes me to pause and evaluate what would Jesus do, the light that shows me small glimpses of future moments to save me that day. Well from that same place a voice said.. This is your husband and I thought to myself, no it is not. He is still not my husband however he is my friend and as our friendship has grown, I am starting to see the understanding behind that glimpse. We have very connected emotional and spiritual understanding and the intellect is beyond yoked. Now I see us struggling in life to evaluate our place and more and more I see how that vision may be a reality. At times our friendship is trying and leaves me in breathless fits of angry yet God always brings us to a place to communicate and overcome the devils persistence. See the devil seeks to divide and conquer and the relationships we share with the oppossite sex when entertained in the right manner, are the beginning of love and God himself and the power of family. The interconnrction of family and God is so powerful for that family allows another one of his souls, his children and his angels to come to this experience on earth which is the journey of understanding his love and the gratitude for having eternal life with him.. Every couple has a job. Just as each individual.. The wrong relationship for us can strain our faith. Can it not? Do we not feel low and unloved and sometimes even question God. Why God did you allow me to feel this pain? Isn’t it funny how love can physically pain us and elate us and how every successful. Union will say in some way… “It was if something divine had happen, the coincidence the exceptional factor” It is because life alone is hard enough but that feeling of beauty and grace is the work of miracles in your everyday life. God is something, someone whom we can’t wrap in our arms, hold with our hands, yet he is there, he is our movement. Just as the demonstration of love. So why don’t we wait for that moment of WOW . Let’s wait on it and see the blessings. The man, the woman meant for each of us, is a person that will seem to complete our understanding, strengthen our character, challenge our beliefs and soothe our souls. We have flaws and even those will seem similar. Having the match or partner that is riding and dieing with us will never allow us to do it alone. Men and women have different roles to the same project. Men are weak will women are strong and vice versa. Let me tell you, the road with that person will be something like a beautiful diaster for once the union is consummated and made official it will need that foundation of rock and not sand. It will need the tools to survive and thrive in this life. The devil seeks to divide the divinity of love more than anything. Because there is safety in numbers and his way of spreading depression and dissatisfaction quickly. We are results of evolution and the old and practiced way of living with God has had to be amended in relationships. We have begun to copulate before marriage. We have had children from lust instead of love. We have begun to marry for stabilty and convenience rather than the overwhelming feeling of togetherness. Each step if you reach into your heart and accept is very much logically and emotionally right. Sex before marriage causes an emotion that can be so powerful you lose sight and believe me God knew the route we would go for each era has done the same. This body we are dwelling in during this experience, this brain that comes with the package is all apart of the armory that can be used by the devil for this is his camp, his home advantage. We have come down from the heavens, away from God, to understand why we should appreciate not living with the devils fate. Yet while we are here, it’s anybodies game. A fight for the your soul. Do not allow contracts is desire to cost you the most beneficial gift. Your already ordained place in heaven. This is only temporary and if you listen, jhe is constantly with you, doing his best to get you to the end with grace. Some of us are the lesson, the rogue angels on earth who have already done this before or who were bred to be fighters, the generals and lieutenants. Some days I really feel as tho God gives us art, music, poetry even the making of movies to promote his messages through free thinkers. You would be surprised at the way God appears in the most surprising things. Let me tell you… God is so vicious in his delivery and love for you, he will not tire fighting for your soul. However the devil is a wicked and highlly capable adversary. For he is on time just like God. Waiting to use these earthly desires and temptations to have you stray and some days you will lose you way and that’s okay. These emotions we have are our strengths and weaknesses.  God said you wanted to understand why he was so hurt when adam amd eve went against his word because this life needs the balance and he tried to protect us yet faith and belief was in the core of the heart. For the ability to love and do good is innate yet still a choice. We are of the universe.. Majestic ad beautiful. When you get to that part. You want to question but God controls everything. And you are apart of God. So look deep and choose him.



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2 responses to “The Insight of The Light, He works

  1. shirley

    Very good article, and something needed to ponder. Lots of things to think about!

    • Thank you for your comments. Your reading and feedback means the world to me. Hopefully others follow your lead. Living in the light is a beautiful tribute to faith. We must wath our associations. To evoke the conversation and thought is the goal.

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