The Creative Souls

Deep in the valleys of many big cities there are these thriving houses of color, attitude, vivacious music and unique people. These people are a new form of hip and in every one of their person circles a max of dramatic flare, magnetic personality and probably a revolution of spiritual insight. These are the artists, the creative souls… they commune in theatres that decorate the downtown streets. They speak loudly at weekly open mics. Some are surfing the streets with boom boxes against their shoulders, while others are donning bags of shoes, costumes and a bigger dream. Studios, galleries, places with big mirrors and music stores are favorite hangouts for them. The artists of the world are the “out of box” thinkers who starve for more than just the basic necessities but the ability to touch the world with their creation. Artist have become my personal celebrities. In the home of Lost Angels…a star sighting is as common as picking up your favorite blend at your corner Starbucks…yet the sighting of a true artist is even more common yet their name is not known to you. Your lucky, for I have given you the identifiers. Stop and say hello…t he plight of GOD is settled in their hands as they bleed for the sacrifice of actually making it to the mass media. They want to touch you, share their experience and I bet they will be able to relate on some level. While some of us seem recluse, docking in the hours at our desk, isles, dance bars, instruments, computers… we still miss you, and want to help the world with our vision and our delivery.

The Creative Souls of our time, our different thriving cities, don’t live to make money count. They live to give beauty to the world on the level of creation. The  mind of a creative soul, sees things with a different eye, penetrating the outer, shallow shell of humanity and embracing the emotional turmoil, and elation. They strive to better days of strangers with an evokation of spirit and heart.   We being apart of this new world of social media, gps location ability and church on the tube have forgotten the sounds of drowning cries, and mourning. We have even become numb to happiness and surprise. Yet artists, creative souls are the surgeons of emotional welfare, with knives of courage, and a recovery of dreams we allow your notice of being apart of instead of isolated from. Say hello to your inner creativity and change your world as well.



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2 responses to “The Creative Souls

  1. urban poet

    Girl, let the souls free. Its time my little angel.

    • The true essence of anyone who writes is the ability to provoke the reader or audience to feel. We write with the intent to evoke, so knowing that it did so, gives me a fulfillment that drives me to continue to do so. There was a time that I was looking for me, so many years I didn’t connect with myself. Then I met someone who seemed to a like soul and with his entrance into my life a light seemed to switch on and now it moves through me. So thank you very much.

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