Word Press Introduces Dualitydefined: ANya Monea

I am starting a new journey in my life and why not leave a documented account of my hijinks, spiritual endeverors, random emotional moments and beliefts here with WordPress where a new friend mentioned me in a blog, that began me on a journey.  I just had to start my next level of blogging here in the world of WORD PRESS…

TheWritingChic is an awesome writer and definitely the type of advocate that you want on your side. Her belief in my talent in just the few short days since she posted what I am going to share has changed me on a level that even she would be surprised with. So in my emotional jumper, I am jumping higher and landing in the most intricate of thoughts that are all positive and I thank her for bringing the child to my writing that I had lost do to the lost of motivation, self assurance and good fashion faith. She has inspired me to do more of what I do, and to work that much harder to make my place known as a cannon in the industry of words… So to her and my fellow Tweethearts…thank you for the support and the faith in me…


You can follow me @dualitydefined



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September 5, 2011 · 5:52 pm

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