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In this Reality?

Recently, I have been told that I live in a fantasy land because I refuse to give into the belief of those around me, and I must say that is leaving me angry and erratic. I have no fear in this life anymore and I am really ready to move on to the things that mean the most to me. So I have decided that I am going to stop listening to the words of these people who know nothing and do nothing, They are treading water and living right along the shore and have done nothing that mean anything to the world or themselves. What hurts most is that a man, that I love so much has rebuked me as though I am the devil. Do you know they through water on me as they the water they bless should become holy. Drugs are leading their lives and I have partook but I have not lost myself and my words and I have not lost my understanding either.  Funny how someone can help you to find the beauty and find yourself can try to make you lose what you have found. Some days it’s all right there in front of you, but what of the every days that is is all in front of you. I don;t want to be the person that disappoints my friends and family.Yet most of all i don’t want to disappoint myself. In my reality I listen and follow GOD. He is my crutch. I own that. GOd is my best friend and he leads me and I give unto him my good and my bad, No days will i leave him. Even in my wrongs i give him my heart so that my wrongs will be less and my rights abundant.

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