In Love with My Child: Casey Anthony… Duality’s Definition

Love is the most powerful of all human experiences. A wise person who I am not sure originated these words, have left a powerful beginning for me. “Love is a reason to live and an Excuse to die.”  In my opinion that is saying that love gives life and take life. The experience of living is not and will never be about what we accomplished but what we have learned and applied as far as the experience of being human.
As a woman, I have thought of having children and while I have made it to the ripe age of 30, I find it hard to grasp the idea of hurting a child. Women have been giving a large responsibility and a beautiful gift of containing growth and progression of life. The miracle of a child is a benefit to the miracle of love itself.  It is so amazing that one a child is made of one stranger meeting another and if done right, embracing that total submission of faith and trust to build a whole brand new family comprised of that man and that woman. In a lifetime as short as mine I have beared the pain of many idividuals yearning for children and the opportunity to make life of the love that they share with another, yet lose the fight to make it happen. A miracle is only in the control of God, so therefore they spend days asking why and finding different approaches to engaging in that mirror.  Yet so many women who desire nothing more than stability or companionship for that time…. Lay down spreading the secret of the worth to men that 1. don’t deserve or 2. don’t intend of staying around regardless of the action so freely applied.
I am in sadden rage that Casey Anthony has been released into the world as if a child is nothing more than a cabbage patch kid she will not be giving her dead 3 year old daughter. I have been toying with the idea of going to law school and now it has been confirmed yet again that he system of releasing a woman who waited 30 days to even report the child missing. The state of a lawyer seems to be to fight for the individual, I AM setting out to fight for the truth whether defense or prosecution. There is no way my closing arguments would have a left a journey to the reasonable logic of freeing a woman who did not find it at all important to even act like she gave a “two shit” that her child was missing. Maybe there was a doubt to actual action applied. Fine! however she blantantly expressed her lack of desire to care for the miracle that she created. Regardless if you believe her to be innocent or not… Casey Anthony was a great example as to how the world for it’s on kindness, show that kindness is applied in wrong activity. Caley that precious child may you watch us all fro m heaven and hold on to the fact my heart that no longer beats is for you to be the only child to die in vain if I can help it. Your home is already so comfortable I know.
I am so in love with child that i have not yet even concieved. Just the understanding that a man I love can not leave just his scent behind… but a whole new version of himself, His seed,
my dear dear child


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