What of We?

Didn’t you see me coming, this image of you just in contrast, in where your out, emotion to your logic, its not symbolic. When you ask, I will bury my mask, gladly take your name with no shame… our love will be so bomb they will hang our certificate of marriage in the hall of fame. we have always been epic, no wonder you wear the hat of a skeptic. This love will persevere, hear lies no fear. Will be kind, start in the heart and be defined in the mind, will outlive this life, and go on for many lifetimes, be the beginning of rapped rhymes, be legendary… not the cherry but the sundae, A’Nya Khadija Monea is the name of your future wife… try it on… sounds good… yours the only hood…. i bang, only for you will i twerk this thang…. you have made my heart sang. didn’t you see me coming or did you feel me leave, when I thought to snatch out another woman’s weave for trying to infiltrate the kingdom i have begun to build, didn’t she the sign on your heart that said yield to the woman who stands at my side, the one in which you confide. Was she blind, or did she think the same as I that you were a priceless find. It may not be today or tomorrow that we wed, and she may see your bed, your heart is already taken, let it not be mistaken for something that we as mortals can choose, try to hard and you will be singing the blues, give it to God and he will lead you to she who is your completion, i know it sounds as if my intention is selfish, and maybe it is so, for I already know what you have not yet accepted. although our love has been subjected to rain, and knows pain. It means not we are not meant to be, but that we must appreciate that he has made us a we. Yet i don’t worry for I have faith, for only he that gives can taketh away. What he brought together can no man divide…. and it also can not be denied. What of we can’t you see? Did i hurt you on our journey or did the past give you cause to pause and deny that which will last. What of we? if not extraordinary.

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