The Second Glimpse: My Crazy For LOVE

My heart speaks only

by A’Nya Lewis on Monday, September 6, 2010 at 3:25am
You live within me. I see us being the prototype. They will ask how do we do it? Was it always this way? We will answer God. We had no control and we didn’t choose. One day I will say to you…. I love you. I love the man you are. I admire your courage, resilience and strength. I depend on your instincts and follow your lead. I bleed in preparation to bare your heirs. I work at your side, lay in your arms and nurture your soul. I will prepare your meals with love by my hands. I will support your dreams, and help you to build your wealth. I will lessen the load of the world with my scent, touch and execution. I will love you first spiritually allowing God into our union and having faith in God which is our love. I will trust the Holy Spirit and feelings that link us. I will share my body with you, creating a haven of desire that strengths the muscle of your heart and the emotion of it as well. I am to the exclusivity of you. I bare myself and trust you desires. I will not deny you our sensual private parties. I will not be afraid of your sexual fantasies. I will be your playground. I will surrender to the need for your embrace and weight. I will reveal my most intimate desires so that we create walls around our love, no one can break. I will wash your back and play in the darkness with you. I will not falter or take advantage of your devotion to me. I will cater to you, make home a sanctuary. I will tell you the things I might be embarrassed to say. I will trust that you will not laugh when I fall, but pick me up. Then I will tell you. I love you so very much. It has created a need to be near you. I need your embrace, I need your strength. I rely on your instincts and intelligence. I adore your sympathy to the next man. I boast of your talents. I am fierce in my possession. I will not share and dare anyone to try to infiltrate the alliance we have formed. I will deepen our bond with daily invocation of my emotions. I will stroke your ego and dedicate my days to your progress. I vow to love you even when days are hard. We will see obstacles that will do nothing but teach us humility and forgiveness. I deny all others for you. You are my king. You are irreplaceable. We are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically intertwined. We are best friends. We are family. We are the start of a new beginning. I want to be the woman who stands above the rest. I want to past all the tests. I will stand in the rain if it means a lifetime with minimal pain. I will give you my everything. I will not share myself with no other. I will be your angel and your whore. I look at you and my body screams. I look into your eyes and I don’t need the presence of wine. You are my aphrodisiac. Your scent, the baritone in your voice. Even the way you walk creates puddles of desire, calling you to complete me with your anatomy. I relish in the truth that no one else gets I what I have. You spill your seeds into me and hold them tight. I submit and commit with a full heart. It will take me a lifetime to really express the things I feel. I promise to each day say how much love I feel. I will tell you my disappointments and share my triumphs. I want to live with you. Grow and learn. I want to ease the pain. If I can’t then I must feel it to, so you are not alone. I will protect what is mine at all costs. I will deny you nothing that doesn’t hurt us or our progress. I will stop at nothing to create a home filled with love. I will tend to our home. I will share myself without hesitation and will not put another human before you. Today before ouR future manifest I tell you my heart. I see it clearly, we have to prepare. You know we and we have a lot of love to nurture. We will have to pray and follow our hearts. We will have faith and not be blindsided by fear. I am being prepared to love fiercely and with equovacations. Love is God so the devil will appear. We must hold to his hand and run to his shelter. We will keep our secrets and succumb to only each other. I will laugh with you, play with you, grow with you, learn with you, mature with you, build with you. I will submit to you, commit to you. I will cater to you. I will wait for your command, I will honor your demands. I will share with you, dare with you. I will take this leap with you. I will care for you, I will make love to you, I will fuck you to. I will be your playground and keep the adventures of desire to be shared with only you. I will take care of you. I will wait for you. I will acknowledge your changes and supply you with demonstrations of feelings not expressed by words. I will be pretty for you and wear things you like. I will wash your back and support your choices. I will never defile your character or create misunderstanding. I will be the person on whom you can always depend. Tell me the things you desire and I will not let the fire die. I will only ask why to further understand, not to undermine. I will doctor your wounds and heal your soul. I will allow you complete admittance to my world. I will allow you to conqueR me, bringing us together to create one.
In my heart these are things that begin to fester. Just your presence entices me, excites and devours me. My love forces me to give in to my temptation. Even in my anger my body will tell no lies. It doesn’t know frustration and summation. It sees only in red. It welcomes you. It was created for you. Our love is my priority, because it is the human mantifesation of God. It is a miracle designed for all, no love is ever the same. Now, I want to take your last name.

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